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How can I make $errors variable be passed to Codeception when functional testing?

Hi. I have problem with functional testing form validation. When I use $errors in my view, tests fai...

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Passing variables in url from a unit test?

Hi i am trying to set a a test to test my database calls. I want to pass a variables in url but cant...

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Cache directory woes

By default blade caches its compiled views in {storage_path}/views. I've made sure that this directo...

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Failed to call my header

I would like to call my header CSS file in every pages, so I created a function to calling the heade...

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Cookies to Database Field Comparison

I am setting up a store for my client. They use Shopify... So in order to get login working for cust...

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oauth2-server failing under test

We are implementing Luca Degasperi's OAuth 2 server in our REST app. The integration seem to work ve...

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Resource controller, ommited methods falling back on other methods...

I have a resource controller that I have removed all methods other than show and destroy. While unit...

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18 Mar, 2014 at 02:15

artisan make command

Hi when I give the following command D:\wamp\www\laravel>php artisan JobController:make jobs I go...

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Architecture category

Does it make sense to have a separate category for questions and comments about code architecture. I...

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Which environment does testing inherit from?

Can someone tell me if testing inherits from development, production, or neither?

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13 Mar, 2014 at 09:17

editor name

hello what is the editor name?

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15 Mar, 2014 at 01:15

Performance Test

Hello, How can I check the performance of Laravel 4?

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14 Mar, 2014 at 09:54


I created a test for and I wanted to test if I get redirected to users.index if everythi...

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Does AspectMock change how we need to structure our code for testing?

I'm new to TDD, but I've been reading a lot and understanding that code should be extremely modular...

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13 Mar, 2014 at 09:53

Auth and testing

Bascily everything is working up to the point where I want to get the Auth::user()->id check the...

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Codeception, Custom Validators and Ardent

Hi all, I have a problem. It seems that Codeception doesn't recognize the validator rules that I ins...

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12 Mar, 2014 at 07:05

Getting started with unit testing

I haven't really written any unit tests as it goes in the way with deadlines . Please don't get me w...

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27 Feb, 2014 at 02:38

How to mock App::make() on UnitTesting

Hello guys, i got a question when i was unit testing my application. I Have a method that require a...

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How would you structure this application?

Hey everyone, just getting started and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Hoping someone can set me straight...

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Laravel and phpmyadmin on shared host

Hi! I have succesfully upload my app on shared host, and everything is okay except problem with data...

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