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How should i use repositories ?

Suppose that We have a user that has many forum posts, and we want to get paginated user posts : Whi...

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Need help debugging this Response error..

Here is my log file of the error, but I dont seem to have enough information there to debug it: [201...

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how to create file txt

Hello friends, I have to create a txt file with the result of a query, so far I download the file bu...

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Iterate over multidimensional object with blade

Hey folks, i'm new to Laravel but already in love! Awesome. Sadly there's little documentation espec...

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View composer not firing on master layout

The view composer doesn't seem to fire on the master layout that all other views extend. The code wo...

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Confusion with cacheTags

I think I dreamt something was in the docs, but in reality it isn't. I'm using a taggable cache stor...

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Redirect back to same page

Please help. If a user is on say and closes the browser, only to return after...

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Multi part survey - How to make in Laravel?

Hey there. I am currently busy with a application that should work like this: We have several studen...

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Url often 404s

Hey, i am using a free host, and my URLs often 404, thinking the /public/something/something url is...

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morphMany sorter type declaration

Hi! I created a morphMany relation, the related class is in sub folder and the type inserted in data...

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Laravel won't execute insert or delete with nested select. Help

I have an insert and delete statement, both contain a nested selected and Laravel won't run them, no...

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No relationship when using orderby random

I can not access my relationships when I order by random. If i remove the random and use all or firs...

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Custom themes in laravel implementation

Hello, I want to give user a possibility to import/upload your own theme (view). I don't know to sol...

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Using pagination

I've succeeded in including and using the Database class use Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager as...

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Laravel Pagination standalone

OK, so I'm using Eloquent as a standalone package in my app. Is there any way I could do pagination...

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Undefined variable in view (when trying to grab database result)

Hi, Been stuck on this problem for about a week. I know its probably something simple I missed but I...

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Issue on creating models with foreign key relations (1:1)

Hello! I have a "Profile" model related to a "User" model. Currently I'm able to...

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Laravel translation

Hi, i'm new to laravel i have a basic app that show the current date as 17 July i have setup mcamara...

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Http_Exception http error: 0 | SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain

I can't push queues locally! I get that error. When I add this line of code below to my route it wor...

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how to run php artisan queue:listen in production server

Hi all, How to run php artisan queue:listen in production server since We don't have command prompt...

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