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Your thought on PHP 7 at the crossroad

Using Laravel for several projects and been giving lot of thought about PHP 7 Laravel like Ruby on R...

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Larasites - A curated collection of the best websites made using Laravel

Hi Everyone :) My name's Wayne and I helped make Larasites. We made Larasites in an attempt to stren...

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Laravel 5 RESTful Backend & AngularJS frontend CRUD example tutorial

Hi everyone. This is a link to a tutorial that shows you how to create a Laravel 5 RESTful API as th...

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Any laravel developers in Seattle?

Anyone interested in meeting up the Seattle area?

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Laravel Documentation and Forum App

Hi Guys, I would like to get the feedback for my current Android App :-

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Java not supported in Chrome and Edge. How do we develop for the future?

I was busy doing code to populate a second drop down with java and i realized that i may just be was...

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Vietnam Laravel Discussion Group

Hi every body, this is a Laravel Group on Facebook for Vietnamese developers to discuss with Vietnam...

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Laracon-ish Asia?

Anyone based in East/South East Asia interested in organizing a meetup? I'm in Thailand but could fl...

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Any Laravel developers in Manchester?

Hi all I'm a Manchester based developer. I thought it would be nice to meet other Laravel developers...

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Laravel MeetUp Bulgaria

Hey artisans! Whoever is in Sofia, Bulgaria on 27th of April 2016 can join us at Despark's office fo...

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Laravel Developers in South Western Ontario

Hey everyone, Looking to connect and meetup with laravel developers in South Western Ontario. Reply...

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Broadcasting Events to Specific user

Hello I would like to know how to broadcast event to a specific user using redis and

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Any Github projects need Contributors?

Hey there, I am new on, but known over on Laracasts. Just looking for some github project...

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Laravel Jobs

Am currently available , and looking for any laravel , angular js , vue related jobs /gigs/ anyone g...

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Best Laravel Solutions Provider

Laravel offers powerful tools and far-reaching scopes for customization of the web applications. Thi...

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North Florida? Gainesville in particular

I recently moved from Chicago to Gainesville, FL and I'm hoping to find other Laravel devs--or at le...

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Laravel on Noodlio | Earn a living by publishing themes, templates and components

Wouldn't it be great if the community of Laravel developers could showcase, and even earn money from...

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Common time window

I have list of supplier with their working hour for each day with intervel of 60mi from opning hour...

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Any Laravel Developers in Gainesville, Florida?

Perhaps we can start a meetup on a monthly basis... I'd be interested.

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Official Documentation Translation

Community, Yesterday I created an issue on GitHub sharing some ideas about translating the documenta...

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