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laravel Many To Many relationship with inner relation

I have some problem to get information about item. I read a lot of information on forums stakoverflo...

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Unique Validation based on user location

I need to register same user with same email address for different locations using unique validation...

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Save language of user in database

Hey, I want to sent SMS to user's mobile. The message should be sent in the users language. Where I...

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Is it safe to protect AJAX Routes with Auth middleware?

Hello, I'm sorry if this is redundant or not the place to ask, I don't consider myself a good code w...

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Homestead + PHPStorm + XDebug only works with index.php

Hello, I've followed the instructions here pretty closely,

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Laravel Echo / session token refresh?

I'm working on a Vue SPA adding realtime features using Laravel Echo, Laravel Echo Server, and Redis...

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Hello Guys , Does some one here makes some changes in Laravel Native form request to validate data t...

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Laravel 5 search/select form with dropdowns and text search

Hello Laravels. I'm building a cityguide which has companies-company types, groups-group types, even...

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posted 6 years ago

fully featured ecommerce

Anyone knows a fully featured ecommerce made with Laravel? I've only found some packages, nothing to...

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Has many through update / with pivot laravel 5.5

I have several tables (all of them with softdeletes and timestamps : created_at , updated_at , delet...

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Query bulding.

Hello, I started to learn Laravel and I have a problem. I want to query questions from the database...

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Laravel Bootstrap SlideShow each slider eight product

I want each slideer has eight products <div class="carousel-inner hidden-xs" role="listbox">...

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Upload file

Hello, I started to learn Laravel and I have a problem. I want to upload image (name -> database)...

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Form Request in Laravel Validating an Array

Hello Guys , does any one there knows how can I validate an form array with form Request ? I want t...

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Routing for subdomain

Is it possible to have a route for a subdomain like this: ? So the site is...

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posted 5 years ago

Route Resource Bug

Hello, I have this resource in web.php Route::resource('chalkboard', 'ChalkboardController'); and in...

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posted 9 years ago

No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource

I've tried a dozen "solutions" to prevent the No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is p...

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how to user request input three time for captcha if overdone

help me how to user request input three time for captcha if overdone 3 time after notification messa...

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How to Route Model Bind with dynamic database connection?

Hi good people. Have been stuck for hours on end with model binding with dynamic DB connection. I ha...

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query save and update with laravel

table pop table detail_pop table store_product diagram $detailpop = DetailPop::where('pop_id',$...

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