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bastinald/ui: Laravel + Livewire + Bootstrap5 UI starter kit

I just launched my new UI package. bastinald/ui allows you to create web apps using Laravel Livewire...

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Share authorization

I have 2 projects that use the same database, one is in laravel 7.5 where I am doing my authenticati...

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Laravel 8.x - jetstream + socialite - Login

In my App Laravel 8.x implementing Login functionality, about the two below packages, can be used bo...

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bastinald/laravel-livewire-auth: Livewire auth starter kit Laravel Livewire Auth Laravel starter kit with Li...

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Laravel 8 and Socialite, how to save in the database and log

After reading: Laravel documentation I was able to retrieve the user details from the OAuth provider...

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livewire-bootstrap-auth: Laravel starter kit Livewire Bootstrap Auth Laravel starter kit wit...

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Error in jeremykenedy's auth system

Hello! I'm still learning how to use laravel. I am trying to introduce this authentication system je...

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Eloquent Relationship

i'm trying to get an authenticated user document shares with their relation in laravel $totalDocShar...

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Laravel User Role And Permission

User Role And Permission is an important Module for any website. From My experience, I got a proper...

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Laravel Sanctum for Mobile

Hi! I'd like to know if there's a way to use just one method (stateless or stateful) for both web an...

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Error on access array offset on value of type null .

when i am trying to log in with the credentials from my custom log in page, it show me the error Err...

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Laravel/Fortify '/login' route missing NotFoundHttpExceptio

Original post: I have si...

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Password + Passwordless Login in One Application

So I am building an application for a client who manages events that are staffed by volunteers from...

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sanctum SPA Auth not working

I am working on a big project that has a laravel backend for API and a separate SPA (vue-cli scaffol...

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Dynamic relation is wrong but reloading retrievs correct one

Hi, I have an very strange problem which I never had before and I only have this problem with my rol...

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Laravel Passport Consuming my own API - 401 Authenticated

After upgrading Laravel passport from 7 to 8, no matter what I do I get 401 Authenticated. I Have re...

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Azure Socialite Login in multi-company app with single DB

In my Laravel-5.8 I am using Azure Socialite Login. class LoginController extends Controller { u...

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Passport test logout after actingAs

How can I test logout using passport after actingAs? Token revoke doesn't seem to work

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sanctum guard on web routes

Hello, as I can see in the docs, sanctum can be used to protect web routes because he first attempt...

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Define Sanctum login route in api.php or web.php?

I am manually implementing login for Sanctum SPA (AngularJS) app and based on the Sanctum documentat...

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