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Laravel: Cache Store [predis] is not defined.

Laravel: Cache Store [predis] is not defined in Illuminate\Cache\CacheManager.php I am using Laravel...

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Redis cache tags flush memory leak

Hi, we using Laravel provided Redis tagged cache to cache query results for models in this way: cach...

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Array to String Conversion Error Exception

Hi Currently, I am working on Laravel 5.4 and the application is hosted on a server and from past 8...

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UnexpectedValueException laravel :protocol error

I am doing a project in Laravel 5.6 homestead. I got this error after i ran php artisan cache:config...

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Can't use sessions in laravel controller

PHP script to check the client's IP address: <?php namespace IPv4; if(!session_id() || session_...

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Restful service from external api

Dear guys First i wanna apologise if my question is stupid but i'm new to Laravel.So i have project...

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Mail template caching issue in Envoyer Deployment

I am having a strange problem with L5.1 and Envoyer deployment. I am sending mail confirmations with...

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How to "forget" a group of cached keys?

I'm working on this routine that stores a lot of data in cache (just the default storage, for now) a...

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switching the --env option for artisan command on fly

Hi Devs, I'm trying to pass --env option to the migrate command with the env file which i'm creating...

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Laravel and Dynomite Redis Master - Master Replication

Hi, I have installed Netflix Dynomite and want to use it with laravel but I get this error: Error wh...

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Controller changes does not reflect

Hi. I have a problem. I tried to change the controller but when I open the route it doesn't reflect...

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failed to open stream: Permission denied

i tried to install elastica using composer on my system i used the command composer require ruflin/e...

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View cache not being updated with new file.

hi. I am having an issue with the View cache in **app/storage/views not being updated. The way my ap...

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Adding Data to database using Eloquent Model

Im new to laravel and i wish to add some data to my database, im following tutorial from U...

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[SOLVED]Adding Foreign Key :: Migrations

Before I start, I ask politely, that you forgive me as I struggle to put things into words. Sufferin...

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Getting weird strings after php artisan route:list

Greetings, I am working on a project that gave me after the withdrawal of developers. when I type ph...

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how to make cache directory writable

I've been getting this error all day long on travis ci after I did composer require goaop/goaop-lara...

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3rd party API caching in PHP

We are building an application using Laravel. It is a very high traffic web application and we are u...

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Serialization of '[email protected]' is not allowed

Hello, Before my caching works fine, then I used the latest feature of Laravel 5.5, API Resource, I...

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