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Laravel Route:POST - Very High CPU Usage

I am testing the Laravel 5.4, i found something weird. from a simple hello world function: public fu...

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bootstrap/cache not being writable, but

Hi! First of all: a bit newbie with laravel. I am trying to deploy a demo app using pagodabox (using...

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Cache driver File with entrust

I need to use the cache driver = "file" for the cache to be stored and so I can use it in...

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Hi to all. I am developing a restFull application for the first time and I am bit confusing regardin...

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Not your usual TokenMismatchException

Hey guys. I've got a real squeeker for ya. Been working on this "bug" for hours now, and u...

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FatalThrowableError in Encryptcookies.php line 59

Greetings to all.. I'm new in this comunity and excuse if i'm breaking any rule with this question i...

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New Vue Component Not Working

I have tried creating new vue component with the same template with the Example.vue scaffolding. Inv...

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Laravel mix versioning doesn't remove old built files

I am using Laravel 5.4 with mix to version my javascript and scss files. The problem is: it doesn't...

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How to pass a block of html data to all views

Hi my first question ever. I'm looking for a way to render a block of html to every view...

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Memcached sessions not persisting

I am having no problems with file based sessions, but cannot get memcached sessions to persist on th...

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Queue not working with error local.ERROR: ErrorException: unserialize(): Error at offset 28 of 113 bytes in /var/www/html

We are using laravel 5.3 for our in-house application. When queue executed from Ubuntu supervisor o...

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Expires header not set for images as designated in .htaccess

Hi! I am using Laravel 5.2 and Apache 2.4. I have created an .htaccess file in the /public/images di...

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Laravel admin panel The completely responsive and user friendly Chandra Admin template is multi...

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Modify Queued Jobs Laravel

I am using redis queue on laravel and i have been struggling with it. Is it possible to retrieve a q...

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My Domain name is “” , It’s have about 1000 URLs, In webmasters I have only one indexed...

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How to clear a file cache

How do I clear a file cache? Well, that is, I get the picture from the site and I replaced it. How t...

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Problems after change database host

Hi, I've changed my .env database configurations (host, etc). After that, config:cache and config:cl...

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Funny links coming from asset() output

I'm using Laravel 5.3 and Spark (maybe 1.0). In the Spark brand file file I have: <a class="...

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Laravel view cache not updated

Hello, Each change I made on blade files, I must clear the cache manually. (php artisan view:clear)...

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unserialize(): Error at offset 0 of 82 bytes

any somebody can help me to fix that error. this my error : ErrorException in Encrypter.php line 106...

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