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Displaying most viewed items from database in last 7 days

I am trying to change the view style of my site, which is actually set to display two pictures which...

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Data insertion in 4 tables with relationship

Hi i have a problem inserting data to 4 tables. Customers : with data of customers. this table hasMa...

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Same Session for two different projects in different folders

I'm using Laravel 5x and I'm trying to have the user login from (for example): https://dev.example.c...

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How to Make relationship for category,subcategory,product

I tried to retrieve the record from three table category,sub-category and products. How to retrive r...

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User Roles Recursive

Hello. I use Laravel with UserAuth and Roles. All works fine. Now I want to add many Roles. The Role...

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How to make an Automatic Selected Booking Date ?

Hello Laravel Brothers,Peace... I have tour reservation site with laravel infrastructure. you can lo...

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Paginating products from Database

Hi, I have a database with a table called products, its something like this: Id|ProductName|ProductP...

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ntente buscar su pregunta primero utilizando el cuadro de búsqueda y asegúrese de haber leído nuestr...

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Select dropdown value check and show if Not exist in databas

hi, i am trying to show only those packages name from drop down list which doesn't exist in database...

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migrate error

Hello, I have started my first Laravel 7 project. If I want to start a database with it I get an err...

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laraval migrate another migration , rather that the last one

Hi . I just create a migration to add a column to my "cvs" table , but when I run migrate...

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Non-static method should not be called statically for scopes

I have a model with those methods: public function waiting() { return ! is_null($thi...

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posted 2 years ago

php artisan migrate:fresh command with multiple connections

I have tow database connections, `'mysql' => [ // connection information ],...

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How to create a secondary connection to another DB

Hi there . I have two databases (Master) and (Slave) how can I configure l...

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Trying to build web app for daily costs for members in work

I am trying to build web app with laravel that help me to save daily costs and the total for every m...

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How to access database connected via PHPStorm tools

Hello, I connected to my database in PHPStorm (in Data Source and Drivers using General and SSH/SSL...

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Cannot Store Form

Can Someone Help Me with This PLease H...

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How do I copy and its many children efficiently in laravel

I need to copy a multi parent and its children and its children's children. I don't want to do a for...

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Laravel 6 - Dinamically set DB Connection on model - problem

Hello, On my project, every user has his/her own database, so, to mass assign forms I need to set th...

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Problem with laravel relations and latest, paginate

hi everyone, im have some relations in my DB and heres the relatin i'm working with: $category = Cat...

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