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I can't find POST requests to API on Request tab of telescope. but I see GET requests. What can I do...

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How can I extract the file from the request?

I am sending a request with formData from the react native app and everything seems to work fine. Bu...

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laravel model camelcase,case use threats

in models y laravel has made without $table if v use it takes plural of the table for e,g. inventori...

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TS & laravel

typescript and laravel is enough for full fledged web system e-com portal can v bypass mysql connec...

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Laravel Eloquent , Pivot Table

Hello, i work on project about customer manager with an API. So, I have 4 Tables on my database : Ci...

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Serving multiple APIs with one Lumen installation

We have a requirement to serve multiple APIs with one Lumen installation. Basically, we are going to...

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Payment gateway for Laravel - Iran

Payment gateway is one of the requirements in e-commerce. The following code example is a package fo...

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1 month ago


when sanctum has to be used can this have many api , verbs inside how abt?give e.g. of many apis in...

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1 month ago

route::view view http verb how to use

how to use route::view to c view page in laravel not working

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Sactum Automatic Logout on user inactiviysanc

Hi, We are using santrum for mobile App APIs, We want to put the functionality of automatic log out...

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Sanctum refresh token for react?

Hello everyone, i have question laravel sanctum, i'm creating authentication for spa & mobile ap...

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Apache Alias Configuration to laravel pulic folder

I using angular as frontend and Laravel as API backend for an application. I have done the alias con...

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I want to shorten the routing file Api

Excuse my strange English. I originally touched Codeigniter and started Laravel 8 about a week ago,...

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Laravel Dompdf Displays generate PDF with Axios

Laravel Dompdf Displays Error when trying to generate PDF with AXIOS.lal I am using https://github.c...

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Collaborators needed

Hi all, I have developed a package name world which provides countries, states, cities, currencies a...

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What causes this Guzzle exception?

I am working on a Laravel 8 app that uses Microsoft Azure for user management (login included). I be...

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looking for elasticsearch and amazon sales chaneels

hey how to get elasticsearch and amazon sales chaneels integration packages in laravel 8? thx

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How to get token model when authenticating with invalid toke

How can I get the token model in the middleware if the token is invalid? Can this be done without ad...

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looking for docker with vuejs and laravel latest

hey I tried earlier to set up laravel with oracle automated database in the cloud but it did not wor...

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Laravel Sanctum Unauthenticated problem when i send user req

So i'm using laravel sanctum and i want to do the Rest api, i have a problem in postman when i try t...

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