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Use Vue3 options API with Jetstream's Inertia stack?

Hey all! I am trying to figure out if it's possible (and how) to use Vue3's options API for developi...

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Jetstream login validationl

I want to validate some input fields before login. But how? I found a way. JetstreamServiceProvider...

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redirect isn't returning the correct URL for my subdomain

I'm working on a Larave, Inertiajs and Vue project where I want every product to open on a route lik...

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Move routes jetstream

Hello, I'm a PHP programmer but I'm starting in Laravel. I recently saw some videos on Youtube about...

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New Laravel Developer Needing Basic Understanding

Hello Artisans, I'm trying to create a simple app to learn Laravel with VueJS. I created a JetStream...

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posted 1 year ago


Hello, I install laravel jetstream but when I go to the profile tab it does not show the name and em...

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Withold Fority Validate email message until user is approved

I would like NOT send the "Validate email address" email from a new Fortify (& Jetstre...

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laravel jetstream and original laravel

this thread is basically a discussion for my curiousity. if i wanted to develop a simple CMS website...

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Install Packages With Composer

Hello, I am unable to install packages (i.e. jetstream) through composer since the repository larapa...

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Jetstream Dashboard page is showing as 404 error

Hello, We have created the Larvel project for Laravel Jetstream Livewire. We are deploying this Lara...

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Laravel Framework 8.41.0 - livewire-blade - $remember

artisan --version: Laravel Framework 8.41.0

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Jetstream Livewire input load issue

I have started a new Laravel project with Jetstream and am customising the css with a purchase dashb...

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Laravel 8.x - jetstream + socialite - Login

In my App Laravel 8.x implementing Login functionality, about the two below packages, can be used bo...

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Laravel 8 and Socialite, how to save in the database and log

After reading: Laravel documentation I was able to retrieve the user details from the OAuth provider...

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New Applications Only: Jetstream should only be installed in

At: I see this >>> // What means? My Larave...

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