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posted 5 months ago

indexQuery and custom field

Hi I want to add something like IF(domainExpired IS NULL, '3000-01-01', domainExpired) as d2 to sele...

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Redirect a user using middleware cause redirections loop.

I am using Nova 4 and Laravel 10. I need to redirect user to password update page on their first log...

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posted 6 months ago

nova theme need some assistance customizing layout coding

i am looking for some assistance with customizing my r e-commerce website that was created using th...

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PHP Redis PConnect Issue

Hello everyone. First time here! I am a frontend guy trying to run a small web dev business and I ha...

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posted 7 months ago

I can't update nova 3.x in my project

Syncing laravel/nova (v3.7.1) into cache 1/1 [============================] 100% [RuntimeException]...

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posted 1 year ago

how to install laravel nova on subdomain

Getting issue with Laravelnova nova on subdomain not able to login in the panel.

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posted 1 year ago

nova-api routes are returning 504 error in production

Hi, We have a Nova admin will all of its pages working in our dev and stage environments. However, s...

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Larave Nova Live Server issue

Hi , When i move my laravel nova project into Laravel vapor production , its not showing my created...

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posted 1 year ago

Nova issueNova

The checksum verification of the file failed (downloaded from

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posted 1 year ago

Nova - Modify Actions Log UI

Hello, I recently downloaded a Nova package that allows developers to place the action log in a tab,...

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[Laravel Cashier] Query scope for users latest subscription

I am trying to create a Nova filter that will allow me to view users whose subscription is currently...

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Laravel Nova Image Collection upload error

I've inherited an Expo app with a Laravel backend, and I'm having trouble allowing images to be uplo...

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