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broadcasting auth on custom guard using Laravel passport

Getting 401 Unauthorized on broadcasting/auth for presence channel Note: Same middleware I'm using o...

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How to use Custom Guard with Laravel Passport ?

I am using Laravel Passport (Authorize code grant). When I redirect url to authorize url 'http://pas...

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Laravel Passport: actingAsClient method is without guard.

Hey there, I am using a Laravel passport to check client credentials over the API. So what can i try...

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Laravel stateless api application with PKCE

Hello everyone, you probably already know that authentication with Password Grant Tokens has been de...

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How to test API guarded using Laravel Passport

Hello, I use Laravel 8.12. I wanted to test API's guarded by Laravel passport. I use password grant...

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Laravel Socialite: This authorization code has been used (Fa

Description: I have implemented the laravel socialite stateless, because I am using Laravel as a bac...

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Latest Open Source HTML Laravel 9 Admin Template

Sneat Free Bootstrap 5 HTML Laravel Admin Template I would like to share an open-source & easy-t...

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How to get token model when authenticating with invalid toke

How can I get the token model in the middleware if the token is invalid? Can this be done without ad...

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Authenticate client on Laravel Passport via a simple post re

I'm working on several Laravel APIs for mobile Apps. My idea was to have one Laravel Passport instan...

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Use laravel passport in lumen 8 with mongodb

Hello, I want to use laravel passport in lumen 8 with mongodb For that i USE jenssegers/mongodb modu...

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Generated passport token is not verified by earlier passport

Provider Passport Version: 10.1.3 Provider Lumen Version: 8.2.7 Provider PHP Version: 8.1 Consumer...

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Open Source VueJS Laravel Admin Template

Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing fine. I was searching for some laravel integrated vuejs admin...

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Can Passport/Other Laravel service solve my problem?

Hello all I have a question regarding authentication, and I'm not sure if Passport, or some other...

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