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Call to a member function getClientOriginalName() on null

posting my repository code /// public function saveAdvertiser($advertiser,$advlogo) { $industryId =...

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Edit post - get request or post request - Laravel 5.4

I have a question. I am creating a simple CRUD blog. Currently doing the edit a post section. I want...

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Many to many forms select input problem

I am practising Laravel and building a blog for Activity holidays. I have a posts table which descri...

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Html, Form class not found in Laravel 5

I can't use Html, Form helper in Laravel 5.

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Form model binding isn't working with section/include

Laravel 5.4, laravelcollective/html 5.4.8 Parent Blade template for creating/editing Entries: (as yo...

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Problems with checkboxes and routes

Hello, I'm trying to get the ID of the ids that I'm passing, in case it can be up to two ids since I...

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iPhone Image Manipulation - Flip it?

I set up a form for uploading files and it works great with everything, including pictures from the...

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Form Action Does Not Go To The Right Controller

I am working on an admin dashboard with different sections, to add blog posts to add portfolios bo...

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retrieving data for editing using a dynamic dropdown

I successfully created a two-level dynamic dropdown using buildings and rooms by following Hardik Sa...

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Wysiwyg editor

Hello, I have a form that need 100 over of wysiwyg textarea in it. I have tried bootstrap wysihtml,...

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Ajax post is not in Input::all()

I have a modal (yahoo bootstrap) that I populate and post with ajax. Everything is going fine up unt...

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error 405 "The specified method for the URL is invalid" with all of PATCH and DELETE request method

Last week I tried my patch and delete route for web it work.. But today when I tried all of the patc...

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Laravel 5.4 Database Placement Questions

I know how I can get the data needed, but want to follow Laravel/MVC practices here and new to it. I...

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Updating a model doesn't work when specifying a morphMany relationship in the withCounts attribute

Has anyone ever run into an issue where you can create records just fine, but the moment you want to...

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weird problem in web.php

Hi there, I'm writing routes in web.php but I got a problem. If the code is Route::get('articles/cre...

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Sending email via Laravel 5.2

Hi, The test email is working fine but once send via the contact form its not sending email. how can...

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Send mail from multiple forms to multiple emails

I created a form that allows you to send form content to email. But I am looking for a solution that...

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Problem selected option form select

Hello, I am trying to get selected a option from a form select but it doesn't work. I try: Form::sel...

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Form::text with value '@{{}}' fails (L5.3 Nginx)

Hi Guys! In my blade I wanted to use some Handlebar variable like this: {{ Form::text('name', '@{{pe...

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Laravel Datatable and TokenMismatchException in VerifyCsrfToken.php line 68

I´m trying to use Laravel Datatable Package with custom filter. I create a custom filter and appare...

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