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Official Documentation Translation

Community, Yesterday I created an issue on GitHub sharing some ideas about translating the documenta...

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Intermediate/Senior Laravel & AngularJS developer wanted NOW!

This is a continuation from the previous thread on the old forums... position is still very much ope...

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Seeking developers for Bitcoin-related L4 project

We have a wonderful team of skilled developers, but we need your help, too! Due to the sensitive nat...

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Content management system made for Laravel. WholeCMS

Content management system made for Laravel. WholeCMS Github Address

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posted 8 years ago

Meetup: Longmont, Colorado; Oct 2, 2015

Please come join us just Friday, Oct 2nd, just north of Denver. Details at

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posted 8 years ago

UK Tuition/Course?

Hi All, I have done most of the introductory laracasts by Jeffrey which are totally fab! I'd love to...

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Laravel 5 Geocoder tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to develop a simple GIS enabled application using Laravel 5, GeocoderLar...

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Laravel AngularJS Developer Needed

Are you an experienced Laravel AngularJS Developer? Do your team members describe your Laravel Angul...

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Attending Laracon 2015

Hi all, Just bought my tickets to go to Laracon EU this year, very excited to go to my first one! I...

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Making The Best Yii vs. Laravel Comparison

Hi everyone, I hope I'm in the right place. One of the most talked-about subjects is the comparison...

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posted 9 years ago

Tutorials Collected

I thought I would give someone Christmas early this year. Enjoy! Laravel Tutorials Blog http://www.c...

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posted 8 years ago - my new personal blog with daily tips&tricks

Hi guys, Hope the community won't treat this post as spam - decided to get out there and share my kn...

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posted 9 years ago

Massive list of Laravel bookmarks, tutorials, videos and other cool resources

I have compiled a big list of Laravel resources on GitHub. The aim is to make it easier for beginner...

0 Likes 2 Replies - Artisans are everywhere!

Hey everyone! I just want to introduce you to my newest project called :) Laramap is a p...

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posted 9 years ago

Laracon UK, London specifically

So, this lunchtime I managed to get into a discussion on the IRC regarding the reason for Laracon EU...

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posted 8 years ago

Laravel Birmingham UK Meetup

Hi All, Are there any Laravel developers in Birmingham UK? There isn't any Laravel meet up in Birmin...

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92five app (self hosted project management solution)

Hey guys, Since last couple of months I have been working on a project management solution called 92...

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Broken code In the Forums Archive Layout

Has anyone noticed this? Is there anyway to help getting it fixed? Screenshot of broken layout in Ch...

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Watch our live broadcast where we create an entire app in 3 days on April 24th

We will create a web and mobile app from scratch, including planning. The entire event will be broad...

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looking for contributor

looking for Contributors website: repo:

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