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SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Column

I Have a problem when im trying to insert data inside my DB If the input field are not required, i c...

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Using Model Query in Laravel: Schedule

wanted to create dynamic scheduling jobs so I have used model in Kernel.php like below protected fun...

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Laravel Request Validation API

When I Create own method for Validation extends FormRequest , Validation working but its not redirec...

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Multiple domains named routing issue.

Hi, The webshop I'm developing uses two shopfronts, and to prevent a copy paste of the laravel proje...

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Doubt about Lumen request and response

Hi friends i created api using lumen this have request is ``` { "dates": [ { "date&qu...

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Form data structure

Hey all, I have a question. I'm submitting a form and the data consists of user created questions an...

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Weird Behavior. POST routes are reporting HTTP 400 err

I'm getting a HTTP 400 error only in Chrome Browser, I've deleted all the cookies as some post have...

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Get related posts based on post category

Hi. I'm getting my posts like this... public function show($slug) { $post = Post::where(...

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Laravel how to upload/download Files to amazon s3 using kms

Helo guys, I'am trying to upload/download files from amazon s3 using KMS, although i have implemente...

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Defining Two Relationships Between Models

I'm learning Laravel, and really OOP in general. I've followed several YouTube tutorial series, that...

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Controller Won't Return Defined Status Codes

Hi, I am stuck with a major issue. I have being developing a application for a while. I had set some...

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route confusion

Hi everyone! I don't know, if it's the right place here to ask this question – but I'm really strugg...

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Chrome error Failed to load resource

Hi Guys, i have a strange problem with my website based on laravel. The point is when i try lo load...

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Api routes not working

i am newby in laravel and i have routes like this in api.php file insid routes folder: Route::post('...

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Controller not displaying image form s3 bucket

I want to display an image from my amazon s3 bucket directly in the users browser from my controller...

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posted 4 years ago

Request $request confusion...

By the way i am just editing the default boilerplate, so are these the same? public function update...

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Pullout and Display UserData from different SQL tables

I'm new to programming specially in Laravel, I hope you could help me. It means a lot for me. I'm no...

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Laravel raw query Question?

If a $request body was passed in with the categories 9,1,7 and I try to do the following it only wil...

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Implementing Dusk and Process Continuity

I am currently working with laravel dusk. i am implementing dusk functionality on my controller. I a...

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Yesbank payment integration response shows page expire error

Yes bank payment integration response shows page expire error - 419 unknown status error. how could...

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