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RouteBinder - an open source library - feedback most welcome

RouteBinder is a package designed to help you with clean model validation when using Laravel route b...

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posted 4 years ago

How to check unique key validation on Update

While adding a record we can check a unique key field with unique:<table>,<column> valid...

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Check user settings before sending an email notification

I have a receiveEmail boolean field in the User model of a Laravel application. How do I ensure that...

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Laravel Request Validation API

When I Create own method for Validation extends FormRequest , Validation working but its not redirec...

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Can't access data from custom error named bag

Hello! For some reasons I can't access data from error bag. I've assigned them to variable in view b...

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Help determining Socialite token validation steps.

Hello All, I apologize if there is a source for this information and I have missed it. I have read t...

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Controller Won't Return Defined Status Codes

Hi, I am stuck with a major issue. I have being developing a application for a while. I had set some...

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Domain Meta Validation

I have a code set on Laravel. This is doing dns verification, I want to verify a specific field in t...

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SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 in LARAVEL 5.7

I tried to validate data inserted into a form before storing into database. basically the model has...

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How to logout specific user in Laravel 5.6?

Hello, What is the best way to logout specific user in Laravel? Auth::logout() will just logout th...

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Two field in combination should be unique in Database

Hello, I need to have validation where two field in a table in exact this combination should be uniq...

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Is Rule::exists/unique available with Eloquent/Builder?

Is it possible with current exists/unique validation rules to use model methods in laravel? Like use...

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Unique Validation based on user location

I need to register same user with same email address for different locations using unique validation...

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Laravel 5.5 Validation Message

I have a method: protected function validateLogin(Request $request) { $this->validate...

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middleware not allowing me login on web guard

public function handle($request, Closure $next, $guard = null) { switch($guard){ case 'admin': if(Au...

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posted 8 years ago

Create custom validation rule which takes two fields as arguments

Hi! I'm creating a custom validation rule since I don't think I can do this with the existing rules....

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Questions about "Validator::extendImplicit".

Questions 1: In the official manual of Laravel I saw: By default, when an attribute being validate...

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how to user request input three time for captcha if overdone

help me how to user request input three time for captcha if overdone 3 time after notification messa...

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Form Request: check recaptcha validates, before validating other fields against database?

Hi, I'm using a Form Request with rules but I want to check the recaptcha validates before validatin...

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[Solved] - Jquery multi file upload with laravel

Hi everybody I had problem 3 months ago but i had solution for it

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