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Returning views to HTTP requests

I have a post route in api that returns a view. I also have auth middleware. So in front end I have...

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Why the ad appear over the footer area?

I tried a lot to find the error on code even I have contacted the developer to fix this issue. But t...

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Laravel, Blade and VueJS

Hi to all. I'm trying to develop an application with Backend made with Laravel and frontend made wit...

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Laravel route issue. Ex: “admin” and “admin/”

I dont know what is going on with the routes of my Laravel 7 project. When the route is simple, like...

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HttpKernel \ Exception \ MethodNotAllo

Symfony \ Component \ HttpKernel \ Exception \ MethodNotAllowedHttpException No message.. kindly ass...

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Laravel 7 - Component: Provide data without a view

I want to create a Component that provides only data without a view. For example: <x:wg.items.lis...

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Getting multiple Images with one request

Hi, I want to create a kind of social media platform. So I have different Posts, where each post pot...

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route helper uses "http://localhost" in email views

i have {{ route('view/issue', $issue->id) }} in an email view. This generates "http://localh...

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Routes not working

Hello, I'm new at Laravel. I'm getting 404 page not found and have no idea why. My routes list, as y...

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Dashboard Template Integration

Hi There, I want a little help from you guys. The method i use to integrate an admin panel Dashboard...

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Missing required parameters for [Route: error

Hi, I am new to Laravel and have a issue passing valu from a view to a controller and I get Missing...

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unable to move onto next bootstrap carousel item

Please help, I have implemented the Bootstrap Carousel into my project but it doesn't seem to be sli...

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Trying to build web app for daily costs for members in work

I am trying to build web app with laravel that help me to save daily costs and the total for every m...

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eror placing external javascript, ... is not function

cannot load javascript . i want to use select2 and use external javascript. but, that javascript can...

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Laravel 6 - Change routing url

Hi. Im fairly new to Laravel, running version 6 atm. I have made a working feature that any register...

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[solved] @yield does not display information

Good afternoon, I am starting to study laravel and have a doubt. I don't understand why @yield doesn...

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Display the value without using the foreach

Hi there, I noticed in my codes that I can only display the value using foreach. public function com...

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how to use ServiceProvider boot function? Laravel 6.0

I used two classes here they are : Schema::defaultStringLength(150); View::share('channels',Channel:...

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barryvdh/laravel-dompdf page-break-after goes php timeout

Hi, I will save html as PDF , so I use barryvdh/laravel-dompdf package. when I style a <div> w...

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I am trying to display my table filter result

I am trying to display table result, the data is appearing on the table, but when i filter, i get &q...

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