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1 month ago

How to use Laravel?

Well... this subject seems to be very vague, but actually this is it. I am doing web development for...

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Inject JsonResource in reusable Controller

Hey, I'm trying to inject a JsonResource to my reusable Controller. ApiBaseController: Here I want t...

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User Specific Content - How to create it?

Hi, I am new on Laravel. I need help for learning. I wanna create a login website where a user can l...

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The GET method is not supported for this route. Supported me

I started a simple Laravel application and I only declared one POST route called example. After play...

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Laravel "View [] not found."

// this is my code // posts Route::get('post', function () { return view('post', [ // DIR...

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How to sign outgoing emails in Laravel 9 with a DKIM?

Please explain the conception of how to sign outgoing emails in Laravel 9 with a DKIM signature. Lar...

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What makes the image type validation fail?

What makes the image type validation in this Laravel application fail? I am making a blogging applic...

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Inserting database data obtained form dropdown in databaseL

I have retrieved data from database and populate form select. But value is not inserting in database...

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How do I make a factory that creates proper random titles?

I am working on a Laravel 8 blogging application. I need a large numer of articles in order to test...

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Get value of an item in dropdownlist and use in Controller

Hi everyone! I have a dropdownlist in my view `<div class="form-group"> <label for="countr...

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Serving multiple APIs with one Lumen installation

We have a requirement to serve multiple APIs with one Lumen installation. Basically, we are going to...

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How to adapt email text templates

Hello Laravel Community, I'm using the markdown templates to write emails. Adapting the html layout...

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403 Invalid Signature

Hello Laravel Community, Good day to you all. I am having an issue while verifying email. I get an e...

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2 months ago

eliby tcpdf-laravel

how to set default header and footer in tcpdf in laravel please any one can suggest me. I need to pr...

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Installing Laravel outputs error 255 (detailed in text)

For the first time I am trying to run my Laravel project on newly Arch Linux machine and when runnin...

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Forge Deployment URL Variable Injection

According to the Deployment Trigger URL Docs, that any query parameters appended as part of the trig...

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Latest Open Source HTML Laravel 9 Admin Template

Sneat Free Bootstrap 5 HTML Laravel Admin Template I would like to share an open-source & easy-t...

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Payment gateway for Laravel - Iran

Payment gateway is one of the requirements in e-commerce. The following code example is a package fo...

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jquery var in laravel blade

can i use jquery var in laravel blade template?

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2 months ago

Laravel Spark login from python

I'm using the new Laravel Spark (not Classic) and I'd like to authenticate/login a user from python....

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