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canvas.toDataURL(); returns black

It's a simple set up: #canvas { display: block; background-color: blue; } <canvas id="canv...

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1 month ago

Session expired after adding custom page to the Spark

I am working on proprietary app developed in Laravel 6 and Spark classic 9.0. Tried to modify spark...

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Method [name] does not exist - Laravel 8

I'm having a problem with my Auth. So, I'm doing login but not using User models. I made my own mode...

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How can I extract the file from the request?

I am sending a request with formData from the react native app and everything seems to work fine. Bu...

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Seeded users can't log in on Laravel or be found on Tinker

I'm working on a seeder that creates 3 users, one per each role I have on my app. When I run the see...

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TS & laravel

typescript and laravel is enough for full fledged web system e-com portal can v bypass mysql connec...

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2 months ago


usually enctype/form-data is given for file type but in laravel no need

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Passing value from Blade to function

So, i have this button in blade1 that i want to display the information of a customer on click @can...

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Laravel Eloquent , Pivot Table

Hello, i work on project about customer manager with an API. So, I have 4 Tables on my database : Ci...

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pictures in production

Hi, I have a problem with my images. they don't show up in production but it works fine locally.

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Laravel eloquent Problem to access relationship

Hi, I am facing a problem with an eloquent relationship. Actually, I am new and trying to learn. I h...

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PDF: fill exists pdf-files

hi, I'm looking for a package with which I can fill out existing PDF files. I did find the package f...

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Convert php site into Laravel Project

Hello everyone, I'm new to Laravel. I have a project built using php, php classes, css, javascript....

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1 month ago

Larfavel DB Seeder not impoting Trigger Statements

Larfavel DB Seeder not impoting Trigger Statements, but when importing from phpmyadmin or from comma...

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Authorization fails only on API routes

I'm trying to use auth:sanctum on the api route, but it returns "Not authenticated" even w...

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1 month ago

How to install Laravel into xampp

I have partially built a website in CodeIgniter (CI) & recently upgraded my laptop & as Ive...

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NWidart Modules Package

Hi, i am new to php/laravel framework, i want to create a social community network site so i want a...

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Map two two locations in Laravel databaselalal

I'm maintaining a locations table in my Laravel app. I want to have distance mapping between these l...

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Hi, please i am facing this error, what could be the issue, the agora app_id and id are on .env file...

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1 month ago

Looking for strong reporting tools

Dear all, we are working on a big project which contain a lot of sales informations and we are looki...

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