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[Tutorial] Model Validation using Observers

Hi guys, I have recently posted a new tutorial on something that seems to have been missed by the La...

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Ho boy - I have a very large query with > 10 joins - is there a way I can do it with Eloquent?

I've been searching and hacking away for the past few hours now. I have a bunch of models. They're...

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posted 9 years ago

Foreign Keys without schema builder

I've been building most of my database tables without the use of the schema builder. I need to creat...

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Is it possible to call directly from a class.

Hi all, I'm still chipping away at learning Laravel. Coming along slowly though. :-/ In my db class...

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Eloquent nested eager loading : bug or fail syntax ?

Hi all :), First of all : I opened a help paste here describing the core of the problem. I did many...

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Best practices or better way to achieve these relationships

I'm developing an application system. Breakdown is there are Events and Districts - the Application...

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public_path helper returns empty string after changing laravel directory structure

I just can't seem to get the public_path helper working after changing my directory structure. It's...

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Havve Any Idea to make automatically or dynamically routes laravel 4?

i have some problem to make routes in laravel, i have a package then i call from routes it is work f...

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Support RSS

Are there any plans to provide an RSS feed for I don't seem to find anything on the web...

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posted 9 years ago

->contains() with morphToMany

Trying to do this, but the "contains" method doesn't work... anyone know why, or how I sho...

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Minify your HTML

Laravel HTML Minify This package compresses the HTML output from your Laravel application, seamlessl...

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select user followed person's post

users id follows id user_id follow_id posts id user_id let say i am user A and i followed user B. I...

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including views with contollers

I'm going to ask the same question here that I did on the old forum, because I didn't know the new f...

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How to properly design interchangeable user repository implementation?

I want the repository to be interchangeable, so I'm not dependant on Eloquent. I therefore have an i...

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Validation exception with different results

I am creating Validation service witch throws ValidationException if error ocured. That works fine,...

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posted 9 years ago

Munich, Germany

I recently created the Laravel User Group Munich and would like to invite anyone living in (or visit...

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Basic http authentication

I know how to use Laravel's basic authentication and how to change the column name. Is there a way t...

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Welcome to the Forums Public Beta!

Welcome to the forums public beta The fact that we've gotten this far is a testement to t...

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LESS support in Laravel

I've been looking around a little bit on this topic and I've found quite a few bundles and so forth,...

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Redirect::Back() tries to return to favicon.ico

I have an app using laravel 4.1. In an edit function - which has been working fine up until now has...

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