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Laravel passport [in the manual] followed but npm run dev Lara...

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Securing Laravel Sanctum Tokens

Hello, I am creating my first web app. I created 2 projects for the application using Vue.JS on fron...

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homestead2.test/login // here missing CSSb

this posted and here:

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Show message when user is connected laravel 6*

Heelo, I want to show an alert after log in in laravel 6* , how can this be done idk what to use in...

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Passport - check if authenticated without causing exception

Hi, I am building a Rest API using Passport and have a function that can be called when authenticate...

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Accessing client credentials API method in built in Vue app

Hi, I'm using Laravel for my Rest API with the built in vue SPA for the direct web client. I have so...

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Help in building a multi authentication in laravel

Hello everyone, I am new to laraval development Almost a week, I was stucked up in building a multi...

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laravel passport

after creation personal token php artisan passport:client --personal and $token = $user->createTo...

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Passport Authentication

I have two type of users in mobile users and web users.I want to use token based authentication in w...

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Laravel Passport access token verify with user IP

I am trying to customise your code to bind access token with specific IP and allow to respond if a r...

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Laravel graphql passeto example

Hi everyone, I am looking for a paseto example with Graphql(Lighthouse Laravel) or how to create pas...

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Create API Rest with Laravel 7 Passport Authentication (Part

We learning to create a authentication system with API Laravel Authentication Passport OAuth https:/...

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Checkbox validation

Hi, I have a project in Laravel 7 and my register form have two checkboxes, ¿how can validate one of...

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Change location Controllers\Auth

I make project in Laravel 7. I change location Http\Controllers\Auth to Http\Controllers*Admin*\Auth...

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HttpKernel \ Exception \ MethodNotAllo

Symfony \ Component \ HttpKernel \ Exception \ MethodNotAllowedHttpException No message.. kindly ass...

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The react redux authentication

Hi there, in laracasts as you already know, there's a lot of vuejs tutorials, but no reactjs, I know...

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Vue SPA with Laravel 6 Passport

Background: The only experience I have with authentication are normal form-based logins, the typical...

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Sanctum: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present

Hey guys, I am trying SPA authentication using laravel/sanctum. I have setup my sanctum & cors c...

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Trying to get property 'headers' of non-object

Hello i have installed 2fa on my code and when i enable that on user. i get error and i cant view an...

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building a website with laravel

Hello i'm used to work with laravel and vue js.But now i want to use just laravel for my new project...

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