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New Laravel package : Larapush

Dear all, Just to let you know I've announced a new Laravel package called Larapush. This package wi...

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how to connect my laravel project with phpmyadmin

Hello Guys, i'm newbie on laravel, and i want to know how can i use laravel with mysql through phpmy...

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What's your experience been working with Laravel Shift?

Hi, I'm just keen to learn what experiences others have had working with Laravel Shift (laravelshift...

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Larave specific Domain validation

i want to apply specific validation in my email form pls help me

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Multi guard authentication, logs out if two guards logged in

Hi. I'm working on an application written in Laravel 5.7. In my app I have three guards: 'guards...

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Lumen hashing config

Hello everybody, I've been playing around with Lumen for a bit, does anyone know how to change the h...

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Blade Template / Liquid Template Engine

HI All, I would like to check a few things, is there github repository for Blade or it's a built in...

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access to the public folder in laravel

I bought a Laravel script and now I want to edit it. When I put a file like a jquery, I give a 404 e...

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How to properly use Controller Middleware?

I am using Spatie/laravel-permissions package for roles & permissions. I have 3 roles namely &qu...

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Encrypt in CryptoJS but decrypt in Laravel

I've been successfully able to Encrypt a string in Laravel and also decrypt the same string with Cry...

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Laravel not forcing SSL after artisan restart

I have an emergency with some Laravel code on a production server. Let's get it out of the way: horr...

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Passport authentication from remote Laravel API

HI, Suppose I have 2 or more Laravel API sites and only One Laravel API site is using Passport and r...

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Laravel how to upload/download Files to amazon s3 using kms

Helo guys, I'am trying to upload/download files from amazon s3 using KMS, although i have implemente...

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Disable session's for guests

Hi! How to disable session's for guests? Session stored in mysql. Need a session created for only lo...

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Domain Meta Validation

I have a code set on Laravel. This is doing dns verification, I want to verify a specific field in t...

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asset() helper absolute path security risk

Hello, Receantly i've started working on a new project and the company security department said that...

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posted 4 years ago

Allow new users to register but not log in until authorised

We have a Laravel system at work where it is only supposed to be used by staff, but they can use it...

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help secure query with like

Hi, this query can be injected using this text 'a% ' (remove quotes) $courses = Course::select('id',...

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This is test

This is friend

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OAuth2 Grant Type

Hello, I develop a Rest API for a project with Laravel. in this project we have an API for users sig...

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