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larav 5.8 - cutom rule validation (array as arg and query)

Hello. I just start works with laravel and right now i have this problem. I create simply system res...

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Edit checkbox checked value from database

Hi, I have a table user in database like below id | name | pic | level | tea...

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Laravel Form Post issue 419 from AWS ES hosting subdomain

Hello, I have used AWS server and Laravel 5.5. So main domain point to main ec2 instance, and sub do...

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Passing a parameter to a form

I'm trying to pass a parameter of a controller to a URL of a form, this parameter is in my routes bu...

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$request->file() empty (Laravel 5.7.24)

Hello. I try to make a simple upload form. Problem is $request->file() is always empty and i don'...

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Caching a modulary form

Hello everyone, I develop an app with Laravel. This application is used by several companies and the...

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store form input data to json file

I want to store form data in a json file located in storage/app/data.json with this controller class...

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I want to save data in database through multiple forms.

This is my Route : Route::post('/', '[email protected]'); This is my controller : public fun...

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Using an array of Objects in a form drop down

I am getting an array of products from my database and need to know how to list them in a drop down...

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Form data structure

Hey all, I have a question. I'm submitting a form and the data consists of user created questions an...

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Weird Behavior. POST routes are reporting HTTP 400 err

I'm getting a HTTP 400 error only in Chrome Browser, I've deleted all the cookies as some post have...

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Submitting form gives error 419, session expired

I'm using Laravel 5.7 In my view, list.blade.php I have this (relevant portion shown) <?php $coun...

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Image instead of button

Hi! I want put image instead regular Bootstrap button. {{ Form::button('<img src="../..(../....

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How to make a category section to choose from?

How to make a category section to choose from and display the selected options chosen. If someone kn...

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Need to extract LAT and LNG from dragged Google maps marker.

I need a guide for Laravel 5.7 that will help me add a google map to blade file that will show a map...

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Multiple Form Textbox Input Validation

I have a form that I need to validate two text boxes and I need to compare the input of both boxes a...

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One to Many - Inverse - Form Select Class component

Hi. I have the following relations in the app I am working on. I have a Bank model or Component as w...

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Pay Minimal Amount For Technical Support| Dial Bigpond Email

If you going to solve complex issues of Bigpond account, then our tech team will never disappoint yo...

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Unique Validation based on user location

I need to register same user with same email address for different locations using unique validation...

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Laravel vs Codeigniter – Which is better?

Laravel It is commonly known that Laravel offers expressive and elegant syntax for developing web ap...

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