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Laravel 5.1 Session Syntax and Usage

According to the 5.1 docs, the new recommended way to work with session data is to inject the reques...

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posted 7 years ago

How can I register a singleton with dependency injection?

I am fairly new to Laravel. Maybe it is possible somehow but I could not find it. This does not work...

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Extend Response::json in L5

I am adding something additionally in Response::json. For example, the Restful route to public funct...

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Loading plain PHP class into Laravel 5.1

I have a plain PHP class written like this class UploadHandler { protected $error_messages = arr...

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[L5.1] Convert Codeigniter library and helper to laravel's packages style

Hello, i am new to laravel, i want to convert ci library into laravel package style and access it i...

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Architecture - Where do I put this class?

Let me set the scene, so to speak. I have an "Item" class which has different food items (...

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Cannot redeclare GuzzleHttp\Promise\queue()

Hello, Today I ran into a problem which I could not solve. I am developing at the moment some differ...

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posted 7 years ago

how to implement Singleton in laravel 5.0 ?

i have created a class as follows class CommonContainer { public $value1; public $value2; private st...

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posted 7 years ago

Using the scheduler from a package (5.1)

Hello, I am adding a command from a package like so -- $this->app->bind('

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Attach several classes to one Interface in the IoC

Hello, I'm getting a need for use several classes in my application and If I have a single interface...

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posted 7 years ago

BindingResolutionException: Target is not instantiable

This is driving me bonkers because it seems I'm the only person with this problem. I have a UserMess...

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Route::bind not working in production on ubuntu

Using Laravel 5.0, we develop locally using Homestead and everything works fine. When we deploy the...

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All Your Design Patterns Are Belong To Us

One team I'm on right now is in the process of building a massive application on Laravel. As we've a...

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Laravel 5.1 Task Scheduling

How can i use controller method in scheduling rather than command?

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Weird Query Results When Using Repository Pattern

demo Table: name | passport_date | visa_date when i using in Eloquent: $latestPassport = Demo::order...

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Argument 1 passed to App\Application\Repository\Eloquent\Database::__construct() must be an instance of File, none given

I am Pretty new to the repository thing and don't do a lot of dependency injection.Now am having thi...

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Use @inject within view to display content

I´m working on a small Web-Application which will be having a private messaging system. While a user...

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working with non laravel packages

how to work with non laravel package this is the p...

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L5 How to inject properties from controller to ViewComposer

Hi, I'm looking for solution to make correct injection for View Composer. I want get access to Contr...

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Manual Bootstrapping of Laravel (for example from a CMS)?

Hello, I want to embedd Laravel into another app. So what I am looking for is, that the other App wi...

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