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Florida Trip

Hello guys. My name is Viktor, i am from Odessa, Ukraine. I and my friend are programmers, working i...

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Laracon EU - Come to the Official European Laravel Conference in Amsterdam this August!

Laracon EU is the official European Laravel event. Come learn about the state of the industry while...

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PHP People Directory

I have created a people directory for PHP developers it's an extension of LinkedIn. Register yoursel...

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Free Good Karma: NYC Based Mentor

Hey Folks, I'm a junior developer and new to Laravel. I have done all of the nub stuff ( Code Bright...

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[Forum] Mark topics with my contribution

It would be so much easier to see the list of topics with some kind of badge on topics where I took...

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Laravel Nairobi Meetup

A strong local community is an important component in the development of individual artisans. Let's...

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Laravel-Italia - Italian Community

Hi Guys! Just a ping! I am Francesco, founder of We are publishing many contents...

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helper.php file errror on shared hosting server

get error on shared hosting Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /home/patelgvs/public_html/...

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Meetup in / around Atlanta

We are looking to measure the interest of a new laravel-specific meetup around the Atlanta area. We...

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Tirana, Albania

Albanian Laravel Community

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How do you promote meetups?

With your local meetups, how do you invite people? And how do you spread the word?

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Buffalo, NY Any Laravelites?

Looking to maybe get together and talk about how amazing laravel is. Any takers?

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Looking for Midwest companies using Laravel

We're working with a startup called ElevenFifty ( to create in-depth week l...

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Hello, are there any musicians at the community?

Hello, are there any musicians at the community? Sorry if it is not appropriate to ask this kind of...

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Charlotte NC Meetup - New

Come join our new Laravel Meetup in Chrarlotte NC.

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Fredrikstad/Oslo, Norway

Hello! I'm quite new in the Laravel community. I didn't see any other of my fellow countrymen, so ju...

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Great Laravel 4 tutorials on this site

Just thought I would contribute and let everyone know about these great tutorials at

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92five app (self hosted project management solution)

Hey guys, I am finally done with my project management application and wanted to share it with you g...

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Grammatical correctness

We made the community site below for the artisans in Tokyo. I'd like to know t...

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Need some help to keep the Baltimore Laravel meetup group going!

Hi everyone, I started the Baltimore Laravel meetup group over a year ago, and things have moved ver...

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