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Laravel Homestead Mongo Installation

Hello, Now being able to load mongo extension. That is it does not appear in the phpinfo. I have don...

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Homestead NFS Sync on MacOS High Sierra

I'm using Homestead with NFS sync, and I'm relying on this setup heavily for the local development o...

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Start a project cloned from git and created with Homestead per project installation

Hi to all. I have created a Laravel project with an Homestead per project installation. After that I...

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Super slow download from vagrant

So I'm trying to download homestead and here's what I get, I got 20Mbps internet speed C:\Users\K>...

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laravel event doesn't work with vuejs using and ioredis but Redis::publish works fine.

Laravel Version: 5.4 PHP Version: 7.1.2 Database Driver & Version: homestead Description: lara...

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