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Module build failed: ModuleNotFoundError:

I am trying to compile my laravel project but I get this error below how do I resolve it? 'ERROR in...

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Laravel elixir css url path issue

I am new to elixir and gulp, While doing elixir mix, all files are mixed but images which i used in...

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posted 5 years ago

prepend CSS rule after mix processing

Hello, I'm trying to prepend every rules in my final public/css/admin.css with a .admin CSS class. T...

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laravel-mix not change

Changes to file webpack.mix.js are not applied File contents webpack.mix.js mix.js('resources/assets...

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Auth workflow for Laravel / Vue applications

Hello everybody, this is a question I've been reading and reserching myself for a long time, so I co...

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Passport error

Hello guys, hope you all doing great :) I have a problem for a wake and tried a lot to solve it Pass...

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laravel event doesn't work with vuejs using and ioredis but Redis::publish works fine.

Laravel Version: 5.4 PHP Version: 7.1.2 Database Driver & Version: homestead Description: lara...

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Laravel-mix missing dependencies

I'm trying to update Laravel from 5.3 to 5.4, but I get errors when compiling frontend assets. After...

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Laravel & Vue Workflow

Hello! I'm kinda interested in using Vue in a large-scale application, it have a lot of pages and st...

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