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Dropdown menu doesn't work in chrome (and touchscreen laptops I think)

Hello, Very strange issue, on this website: the dropdown menu doesn't show on...

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how to get the user id in faker

while created faker how to get the user_id for the post? for example: i've created a faker for User...

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Is there any SEO perelink package?

Is there any package for SEO perelinkg feature, that gives web app better indexing by web crawlers...

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Call to undefined method Illuminate\Support\Facades\Config::set()

On this page: It states: You should not mock the Request facade...

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add timestamps on multiple tables

how to add timetamps with default value on multiple tables using migrate

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Argument 1 must be of the type array when seeding random data

Hi I'm fairly new to Laravel and the way sync handles collections or array has me stumped when synci...

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Gulp Watch Running Excruciatingly Slow

Im been having this problem ever since I started developing and using gulp. My project is using the...

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Select using pluck with 2 values

Hello all, how Can I insert more than one value into the select tag using pluck? Form::select('peopl...

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2 Apr, 2017 at 05:45

Laravel 5.4 HTTP Testing

I am writing a test for a json route in laravel 5.4, I am supposed to be redirected if the GET reque...

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[announcement] Laravel Sketchpad

Hey all, About a year ago, I posted about a package I was working on called Sketchpad, which I'm ple...

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Pusher/Laravel Error

My console is throwing the following error: Pusher : No callbacks on private-App.user.1 for pusher:s...

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Need Help About Laravel API !!!

Hello, I have two web Application that's work in different domaine , The first one is a Laravel web...

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PHPUnit test with XAMPP localhost instead of laravel artisan serve

I have unit tests (not dusk browser test) setup on laravel 5.4, I have configured the baseUrl in php...

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Can't Use Laravel TestCase methods

Link to GIF Hello everybody, Please check the gif image above - describes the issue easily. Ok I've...

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4 Mar, 2017 at 10:43

Debug laravel project with clockwork

Clockwork is the best package that i found to use during the development phase to make the developme...

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Extending a vendor model

Hello, This is my first attempt at writing a server provider. Any help would be deeply appreciated....

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Laravel HTTP Testing with HTTP Basic Auth

Hey Guys, I would like to create an HTTP test for Laravel 5.4 and i protect my page via HTTP Basic A...

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Issue with limits in eager loading relationships

Take the example Videos->comments Videos::with([comments => function ($q) { $q->take(1)...

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Laravel 5.3 on Heroku

i've been trying to deploy my recently almost completed app on heroku to try to test it remotely. th...

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1 Aug, 2016 at 06:58

PhpUnit testing, how to check a checkbox if there are multiple checkboxes with same name in a form.

I am testing a form. In the form, there are some checkboxes which are with the same name as there ar...

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