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How to display Categories and Subcategories with my code

I have this category table, and I want to display the main categories and subcategories on the front...

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Change Laravel Mass Action drop down menu items value

I have this code of my CRM which is working fine, but the drop-down menu is showing the user ID inst...

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🧩 JSON Parser: parse JSON of any dimension from any source

Hello everybody, happy to share that I finally released JSON Parser, a zero-dependencies package tha...

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Invalid request (Unexpected EOF) error with Enctype form

I'm getting back to Laravel, using SAIL and Laravel 10. This is my blade form: <form method="...

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Fething API error when using unique and some password method

I am validating the API register process on FormRequest class. These are my rules: public function r...

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paginator and search user inputnree Query

Hello hope everyone is well, I am very new to this. And having a bit of trouble with a query and pag...

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Server is sending parameters to the URL

Server team confirmed the parameters sent by server to the url: "Dec 12 16:41:54 x1 wcron: [-]...

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posted 11 months ago

getting error while trying to sending emails in laravel

Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username "[email protected]" using the followin...

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Get data from all tables from 1 table only with Relation

I want to do relation in laravel with this database, what I wanted to happen is I can access all the...

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How can I extract the file from the request?

I am sending a request with formData from the react native app and everything seems to work fine. Bu...

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posted 1 year ago

pictures in production

Hi, I have a problem with my images. they don't show up in production but it works fine locally.

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Post Method Not Working

Dear Sir/Mam, I have developed my software code in Laravelframework8, same i have uploaded the sourc...

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Laravel Sanctum Unauthenticated problem when i send user req

So i'm using laravel sanctum and i want to do the Rest api, i have a problem in postman when i try t...

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Make real HTTP requests in the testing environment

Hi, I'm working on the integration of Blackfire performance tests within our Laravel integration tes...

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POST request for Laravel API ver.7 not working on webhosting

hi friends, I have created Laravel (ver.7) app for REST API: in "api.php" is defined route...

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route [Laravel Installer::welcome] not defined.

i gor effro in my ur;:[/url] Environment information Laravel version 8...

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Handle Exceptions on Laravel 7 or >

Hey guys, i'm having a big problem with the diference between laravel 6 and 7 qhen treating Errors E...

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Validate API-JSON and limit input

Hi all, I am building an API for my application and I want to limit my endpoints to the JSON Data, I...

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Bind parameter on DB::select(DB::raw())

Dear Sir, I have some weird about binding parameter using DB::select(DB::raw()). I had tried to use...

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sanctum token authentication runs after model-binding

TL;DR: If a bearer-token request hits an endpoint with route-model-binding but with an incorrect tok...

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