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Replacing Hash for Authentication

I need to replace Hash. For this, I have made a class named MyHash like this : class MyHasher implem...

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posted 9 years ago

Can the IoC container be set to create singleton instances by default?

Hi all, I come from a background of developing apps in Symfony2, where instances returned from the s...

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posted 9 years ago

App::singleton with Dependency Injection

I have a class called ViewData passed through the constructor to a controller class public function...

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posted 9 years ago

Dependency injection & nesting

I have two repositories, and both of them use one another methods.. So, let's say I have WALLET repo...

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Bloated service provider

Has anyone tips for organizing service provider class files? Then in turn, thin out the service prov...

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DirectAdmin cronjob and Custom Command with Laravel 4

Hi guys, I wanne run my command every minute i made: generate:xml In the console it works fine, but...

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Dependency injection and creating new objects / auth

Heya, I've been playing around with dependency injection to make things like this mockable: public f...

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Doing social authentication, the IOC (dependencyInjection) way.

I am going to implement multiple social auth (facebook, github...) options for a website. I have alr...

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posted 9 years ago

Whic one is "faster" ?

I don't know exactly which section should I put this thread. routes.php file Route::get('index', fun...

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Generic Model in a Package to accept additional properties

Hi, I'm still learning for best practice of PHP OOP pattern. I'm currently try to create Cart compon...

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Architecture and Repository Pattern

I'm still trying to figure out where everything goes. So I have a customer page where we create/edit...

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How do you grade this code?

Hi; On my journey to learn OOP I finally managed to make some progress in OOP. Still there is a worl...

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posted 9 years ago

Multitons in IoC container?

I haven't actually used Laravel yet, but I was curious as to whether its dependency injection contai...

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Getting package config from service provider register()

I've been having issues with loading config from within the register() method of a service provider....

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Basic implementation of cookieless sessions

Not a question but documentation case for all who needs it. Please note this is not complete solutio...

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[Package] Laravel Modularizer

#Laravel 4 Modularizer Note: sorry if my english i...

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Global variable/singleton available to all models/repositorys?

Hi, I need to be able to access the $site_id in most parts of my application as content will differ...

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Route group capturing every route

I'm using creolab/laravel-modules to create an application and the administration area will be a mod...

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Single Responsibility Principle. How can I design this code properly?

Hi guys; I have been struggling with this. I really appreciate some help. I don't know how to learn...

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container bindShared

Illuminate\Container bindShared is performing the callback each load... doesn't it suppose to execut...

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