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set receiver email for paypal payment

Hi, I created paypal payment by this package:

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Spam bots ruining form

Please tell me something is being done about these spam bots. Site is starting to become useless.

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PHPExcel with Laravel - PDF Files

Hi! I am using PHPExcel to create some excel files. I need to save that file and convert to pdf! To...

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Your thought on PHP 7 at the crossroad

Using Laravel for several projects and been giving lot of thought about PHP 7 Laravel like Ruby on R...

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Laravel homestead vagrant up error - psch.rb:370

I am desperately in need of help please. After installing vagrant, virtual box, and initialising Hom...

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Set `always_populate_raw_post_data = -1` to Laravel's php ini

I have this error on my AJAX request, please refer below. Deprecated: Automatically populating $HTTP...

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Redis Websocket Questions

I've recent gone through a couple tutorials on getting websockets working in laravel. I chose to us...

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Hi Guys :) I simple just can't get this to work in laravel 5. and furthermore laravel doesn't give m...

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posted 6 years ago

error when edit message, tags are added

Hi, when i post a message with some tags, and i edit the post, there are tags added. not always, but...

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Laravel Spark Plan

Can I customize the plan attribute? example, I want to give limit number to create tokens. If i choo...

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What are some of the best side made with Laravel?

I just wanted some inspiration for the best sites created with laravel

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Larasites - A curated collection of the best websites made using Laravel

Hi Everyone :) My name's Wayne and I helped make Larasites. We made Larasites in an attempt to stren...

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posted 6 years ago

Black version of the Doc's

I'm new to Laravel and spending lots of time with the docs. I modified the CSS to make it black as i...

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Calling eloquent relation multiple times doesn't return data

I'm having this strange behavior in Laravel 5.1 where when I call the relation of an eloquent model...

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My link to github profile is not working on this site.

Yesterday, I changed my username on github profile but here ( remains old link to my prof...

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Favorite or subscribe to thread feature

It would be nice if you could favorite or subscribe to a thread. This would allow you to reference i...

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Create join without "ON" clause

Hi Guys...i need some help...i need to implement something like this... select * FROM matchscore_pr...

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Problem redirect administration panel

Hi, you do not see the administration panel: But you get the...

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APP_Key Error in Laravel, Php artisan key:generate

I wanna know how to generate 32 size App_KEY in php artisan ? cuz, in my project it generates APP_KE...

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Is it possible to inject an interface into Laravels Kernel.php?

I am currently refactoring my Laravel 5 project in order to make use of the Repository Design Patter...

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