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Auto-Redirection to Home Page with Laravel: SOLVED

This issue in my case was the setup of **HTACCESS **or you are encountering this issue because of ht...

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HTTP Digest Authentication

Hi, I've currently successfully implemented HTTP Digest Authentication using a custom middleware and...

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How to make Laravel api multi-auth with or without passport

How to make API Authentication for (User,Admin)two different table. I tried laravel passport but it'...

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I want Know about API Authentication Passport

I am new for API Authentication process I have wrote api but now like to add the api authentication...

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posted 3 years ago

Web application firewall (WAF) for Laravel

Shieldon is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) for PHP. Taking less than 10 minutes only, PHP expert...

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Is any way retreive password...?

homestead user secret password I do some work in 2017-May, on Laravel homestead VM in VirtualBox but...

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Tracking and protecting the downloads of PDF

Hello, A client of mine would like to track the number of downloads for documents in a Laravel 5.8 w...

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Malicious files

Hi, i am facing malware attack on my server. Hackers uploading malicious files on my laravel folder...

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Spark registration flow

I'm looking at using Spark for a new project but I'm not that keen on the current registration proce...

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Laravel online security test

Hi, I checked many security tips and tricks about laravel security, now how to test it? Are there so...

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The requested URL was not found on this server

Good day. I had a working laravel app on the server. After editing my .htaccess file not to display...

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Roles and permissions in laravel

Hello. I hope this is the right place to ask this type of question. I wanted to get a clear understa...

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Custom Authentication

I have read through the laravel docs on Authentication, and I am trying to find a clear answer on ho...

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laravel mysql

as we know we can't trust user input and insert it directly to database so how can I make a prepare...

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Laravel-Mitnick helps you secure your Laravel apps

Security is hard. It’s not always obvious what needs doing, and the payoffs of good security are at...

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Which grant type : Implicit or Auth code for SPA?

I went thru multiple posts saying how implicit grant is a security risk and why auth code grant with...

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New Laravel package : Larapush

Dear all, Just to let you know I've announced a new Laravel package called Larapush. This package wi...

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how to connect my laravel project with phpmyadmin

Hello Guys, i'm newbie on laravel, and i want to know how can i use laravel with mysql through phpmy...

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What's your experience been working with Laravel Shift?

Hi, I'm just keen to learn what experiences others have had working with Laravel Shift (laravelshift...

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Larave specific Domain validation

i want to apply specific validation in my email form pls help me

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