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Low request per second throughput with Laravel, AWS, Docker

Laravel 5.5 Php 7.0 AWS 8 cpu / 16GB Docker with nginx/php inside. I have an api that serves oauth...

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.htaccess exclude specific url & folder from proxy redirect

I have Laravel set up and running fine on Now, I want to proxy redirect to...

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Starting ecommerce site, need few ideas

Hello there guys. I have plenty of experience doing ecommerce site but they all get a bit tough to m...

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Best Practices: Interfaces+Traits or Same Class Properties

This is one of the biggest conundrums that I face whenever I am extending my company's internal micr...

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Lumen Extended Starter Pack

Lumen extended starter pack This package is an extended version of the default Lumen framework with...

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Polymorphic relationships for online store

I’ve got a master table called Product with the following columns: id product_id product_type name...

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Modular architecture and API auth doubts for mid size app

Hi! I am stuck. I need to develop a medium sized application but I can't decide on the architecture....

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Run laravel project on existing apche server of centos

I have a server of CentOs 7 where apache is running. I'm using it for run my web applications. Now I...

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Homestead + PHPStorm + XDebug only works with index.php

Hello, I've followed the instructions here pretty closely,

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Laravel IoC

Hi I am new to laravel IoC. Can you please suggest me a good tutorials/references to learn IoC from...

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Background data export

Hi all, just wondering how you normally handle situations where you've to generate PDF or csv docume...

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File permissions using Envoyer with AWS

I'm using Envoyer to deploy one of my projects to an AWS EC2 server running on AMI. So I chose to de...

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route::resource with more parameters

I have this in my route Route::resource('something', 'SomethingController'); but this controller han...

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Laravel, Passport, and Distributed Services Architecture.

ENVIRONMENT Mandate to stay within the laravel/vue/php/mysql stack. Single Page Vue.js/Laravel appl...

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One-To-Many Relationship On The Same Model [Laravel 5]

I'm having a bit of trouble making this work properly when querying with Eloquent, here's the model...

0 Likes 5 Replies code: why use use App\Helpers\SendsAlerts

Hello, I was checking code on github and I was wondering why are we using SendAlerts in b...

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Laravel under a load balancer + centralized redis server

Hi all Sorry if this question has already been posted before. I am new here and tried searching via...

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Allowing users create tables on the fly

I am building an new application using Laravel and i want the user/owner to be able to create regist...

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Notification vs Event

Hello friends, What is the difference between event and notification? When should each one be used?...

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what is the best Laravel REST API package

Hi there, Which REST API package do you consider the best? Currently I've tried:

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