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Is there a way to check if a couple of inputs are unique in the same record?

Hello everybody! I'm new here, so I hope this is the right place.. What I have is a table with these...

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How do I model this Article/Category scenario?

I have a scenario with Articles and Categories where each article can have only one category through...

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posted 6 years ago

Error Changing Laravel Validation message for max file from KB to MB

I have a laravel 5.1 app. I'm trying to change the validation message from KB to MB. e.g The :attrib...

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Policy not working, God knows why...

I am trying to move the controls I make in the Controller for a User to be able to leave a Comment o...

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How to handle 404 errors for sub domain/different domain route group in laravel 5.2?

I have two different domain groups in my Laravel application. One is and other one is su...

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Laravel 5.2 multiple file validation problem

I was doing some multiple file validation. I have my html like so: <html> <body>...

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Why do the password submission require password_confirm on backend?

I noticed that the standard validation / signup things with Laravel use a password field and a passw...

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Laravel Spark Plan

Can I customize the plan attribute? example, I want to give limit number to create tokens. If i choo...

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Scan Barcode with Android to a page of a logged in user

Hi Peeps This is like a point of sale, the page will have a field for the customer number, amount an...

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Check user level laravel 5.0

I have in the database a table named user that contains the following columns, id, email, name, pass...

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SQLSTATE: Undefined table: 7 ERROR: table "*" does not exist (SQL: drop table "*")

I have question, I created database table using "php artisan migration" then later due to...

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Multi field validation?

Multi Field Validation I have a table like: id code user_id msg_id title now I want to validation u...

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laravel 5 nested array validation

how can i check the array value is exist or not? If example: my_field[1][1] = 16 my_field[1][2] = 14...

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connection data base

I wonder if there is some form of excolhes the path of database connection before login to the syste...

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Compare variables (blade template)

Hello guys, Trying to compare 2 variables in my view In my controller $files = \File::files('images'...

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Pass variable from on function in controller to another

I was wondering about passing one variable from one controller function to another controller functi...

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Change 422 json response from FormRequest, depending on validation error?

Hi, I noticed in the Illuminate\Foundation\Http\FormRequest class, the output is fixed as 422 Unproc...

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posted 6 years ago

Laravel : form validation

hey guys , I'm new with Laravel and recently i tried to validate contact form and its code is as bel...

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Register only certain email domain (Auth)

So I'm trying to update the out of box validator to only allow a specific domain. Are there any oth...

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Problem with hosting shared

Hi! I have a problem with this code in hosting shared, but works fine in localhost. this function re...

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