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Laravel IOT MQTT Integration

Client - Laravel Server Communication using MQTT. I read about a Laravel package (

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Impossible relationship

Hi there, I've this strange situation in my application. These are the tables: property id - int...

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Unable to create onetomany relation in dbeeee

I have one to many relation: Client: (a client can have many contrcts) public function contracts()...

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Model stop performing queries

It's been a couple of months that I am experiencing a weird behaviour on my laravel project. Randoml...

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Get data from all tables from 1 table only with Relation

I want to do relation in laravel with this database, what I wanted to happen is I can access all the...

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Laravel and Presto IntegrationLaraveldasdPresto

Hello, I'm working with Amazon Athena and it is based on Presto. I need a library that integrates La...

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How can I set a custom schema in the SQL Server?

In the database settings in Laravel, we can choose a custom schema for the PostgreSQL database by sp...

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posted 8 months ago

How to do a Postgres connection through unix domain socket

Since my postgres instance is on the same machine, I'd like to connect with unix domain sockets inst...

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how to store update multi line file upload

public function UpdateAbout(Request $request){ $about_id = $request->id; $blogabouttun =...

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Upload images not showing how i see images ?

i upload images and listing the images but not showing

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Seeded users can't log in on Laravel or be found on Tinker

I'm working on a seeder that creates 3 users, one per each role I have on my app. When I run the see...

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Laravel Eloquent , Pivot Table

Hello, i work on project about customer manager with an API. So, I have 4 Tables on my database : Ci...

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Database design for driving school

I came up with a database design that I find most appropiate for scheduling a student on a driving s...

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Eloquent Filter n:1 relationship

hello, i wrote the following filter to filter a model independently by the columns. But how do I pro...

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Command mysql not found - Cypress Laracasts

I've implemented laracasts/cypress into our application and I've also used php artisan schema:dump -...

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posted 11 months ago

need help programming this (spoonfeed or no spoonfeed)

Heya, I have a tab in my admin panel called "items", which displays items of every categor...

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There is already an active transaction - error

hello, I'm using Laravel Version: 8.81, PHP Version: 8.1.1, Database: MySQL 8.0.23 During using DB::...

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Offline laravel project shrink to online Databaselar

I have a local laravel project and also I have the same project on the online domain with hosting. N...

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Use foreign Key to display information from other table lae

Hi i am trying to retrive information using the foreign key but it doesnt work. `<?php namespace...

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Socialite - One user with multiple providers

I'm looking for best practice on setting up Laravel (with socialite) to handle multiple social provi...

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