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posted 1 year ago

need help programming this (spoonfeed or no spoonfeed)

Heya, I have a tab in my admin panel called "items", which displays items of every categor...

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There is already an active transaction - error

hello, I'm using Laravel Version: 8.81, PHP Version: 8.1.1, Database: MySQL 8.0.23 During using DB::...

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Offline laravel project shrink to online Databaselar

I have a local laravel project and also I have the same project on the online domain with hosting. N...

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Use foreign Key to display information from other table lae

Hi i am trying to retrive information using the foreign key but it doesnt work. `<?php namespace...

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Socialite - One user with multiple providers

I'm looking for best practice on setting up Laravel (with socialite) to handle multiple social provi...

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Relationship between Pivot table hasMany turns

Hi, I am trying to create a game with the tables listed below. There is a sample of the migration fi...

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Schema::hasColumn has problems in some scenarios

After model is set from(), in addGlobalScope, query field does not exist column through Schema::hasC...

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posted 1 year ago

What's the best way to add data to a live site?

Migrations are great for changing the structure of the database. But what if you want to do stuff w...

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Cannot execute queries while other unbuffered queries are ac

My Laravel application (version 5.0.33) has suddenly started throwing the following error: local.ER...

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Migration - Create/Drop View

Hello fellows, I'd like to request request new methods for creating/deleting views on migration... (...

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Illuminate\Database\Connection->$tablePrefix is an array

Whenever I try to run any database-related Artisan command (e.g. migrate, schema:dump), I get an Arr...

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Visualization of connections

I need to visualize the relationship between the data in the tables. My point is to show what is con...

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Can not tags by using Laravel Spatie Tag library

In model:- use HasTags and when i have attach tags using like this $model->attachTags(['Tag 1',...

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Use laravel passport in lumen 8 with mongodb

Hello, I want to use laravel passport in lumen 8 with mongodb For that i USE jenssegers/mongodb modu...

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CRUD registers all data in the table as NULL.php

I'm developing a CRUD with laravel sanctum, but in validation some of the fields need to accept NULL...

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Laravel 8 relationship three models belongs to Parent model

Hello everyone I'm currently working on a laravel project where I have a parent table that has the i...

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Database Seeder for Automation Testing

Hi, I am writing an Automation Test for a software that uses Laravel as back-end. To mock the data I...

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Update Database Field On Checked & Unchecked Of Checkbox

Hello, I Want To Update My Database Column Of Checkbox On Checked & Unchecked, Want Will Be The...

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Access Denied Live User

Illuminate\Database\QueryException SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'bsportal_jamalitru...

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How can i show auto calculated field in a view?

Hi i have in my database a table with the following fields: $table->decimal('sale_price')...

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