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How to set up and sync the CSRF token with a Vue.js SPA?

I'd like to use Laravel CSRF tokens in my Vue.js SPA. I'm using plain HTML for views (i.e. no Blade...

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SQLCipher implementation for Laravel

Hey all! I'm developing a Laravel project requiring to secure stored data. Upon analyzing the soluti...

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Encryption question - User specific data encryption

Fellow Laravel-users, I'm looking into encryption through laravel 5.4, and what I would like is to e...

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Laravel - Homestead certificates

Please read the below link to understand the issue:

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How to provide role restrictions at route level?

Hi, I've been looking for a solution to implement user and roles in my laravel app. So far nothing h...

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Create a truly RESTful API with Laravel

##Hello, community! Today, I want to share and celebrate with you, my most recent achievement. I wor...

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[Chrome] Laravel looses Session (TokenMisMatch)

Anyone else got that Problem on Chrome that you get a new Session after a Form Request and then toke...

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[Laravel 5] Custom auth in laravel 5 with session tracking in auth service provider.

Hi. I'm using Laravel to build a frontend to a server which is running a json-rpc based API. So I ma...

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Laravel 4.2 user do not logout randomly.

I am trying to logout with Auth::logout (), and it do not logout user randomly, most of time it log...

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Passport in laravel 5.4 always return error: "Unauthenticated.", I am calling this api by rest client.

Passport in laravel 5.4 always return error: "Unauthenticated.", I am calling this api by...

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How-to protect a multisite app

I have an app with different sites/locations (Building A, Building B, Building C). Is also have mult...

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Resources for understanding/reimplementing password reset systems?

I'm working on a React-Native application with a Laravel backend and I'm currently trying to impleme...

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Urgent: Daily Error in production Environment [PDOException in Connector.php line 55: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory]

Hello Everyone, Every morning I try to open my client system I get the below error. To solve it, I k...

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Try catch not working.

public function getLogin($provider = null) { try { $social_user = Socialize::with($provi...

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strip email addresses, domains or domain names from user input

I am looking at a way to strip those things from user input comments or posts in my project. I am us...

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Protect route laravel 5.2 in ajax from attacks. Is there any way?

In laravel 5.2 I have a route that I call in ajax (so I do a post to in /sav...

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Looking for opinions from developers who've worked on WordPress and Laravel

Howdy, wonderful community! I'm seeking opinion from developers who've developed for both WordPress...

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Security for cross-platform like angular and laravel

any ideas ? how to hide specific key like token in request headers? thanks

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Laravel Cors

Hello. I am trying to do a crossdomain ajax request from my main domain to (my...

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Laravel auth not persistent

Auth isn't persistent accross pages in my laravel 5.4 installation. I've read many other posts all o...

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