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laravel 6 how post with ajax

This is my ajax function in the view that should be called when a select change the selected option...

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Download CSV file via RestAPI

Hello. I need help how to write: download csv via api I have laravel-bac.loc as my server. and I hav...

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Help passing an argument to a helper function in this route?

How do you pass an argument to a function in this route? I created a helper function, which I'm tryi...

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Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded [Laravel 5.2]

FatalErrorException in FileTypeFilterIterator.php line 49: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exce...

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Bad Request 400 - cookie to large

Hello Someone has already experienced 400 error - cookies are too large. I am using apache 2.4 ~ and...

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Tracking and protecting the downloads of PDF

Hello, A client of mine would like to track the number of downloads for documents in a Laravel 5.8 w...

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posted 4 years ago

Download a video from an external server and link

Hey guys I want to download videos from external links I have a field in database and this is video...

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Bit of a strange error.

Ok, so I'm trying to create a support code that expires and is updated with a random code every 24 h...

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Laravel 5.7 email verification throws 403

Verify Email Address is showing error 403 Sorry, you are not authorized to access this page. The err...

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Laravel returns “No input file specified.” after vhost edit

I recently installed a fresh copy of Laravel onto this test domain - using...

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posted 4 years ago

Are routes with "_" chars valid ?

Hello, If there is a difference in route description of my laravel 5 app as : Route::post('run-user-...

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Can't Connect to Algolia using PHP/laravel

I work on a laravel project, and I want to use Algolia search . I'm using Laravel 5.8 , PHP 7.3.2, M...

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Help with search string Laravel 5.8

Developers, I'm doing a search function and I can not bring the variable into sql? can anyone help,...

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Beautify for Blade

Is there a good beautifier for Blade? I'm using JS-Beautify and not getting the results I like. I'd...

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Laravel Nova - Get Resource For Card

Howdy folks! Please pardon the formatting, I tried to keep everything tidy but I cant seem to get th...

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lumen file request returns an empty object

HTML <input type="file" ref="inputfile"> <input type="file" r...

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How do i allow entry twice in 24hrs

I am trying to create an workplace check in and checkout system for workers but i want to allow a us...

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Multilanguage upload in database from admin on the server

Hello. I have a problem with insert services in the database. I have a project with 3 languages: Rom...

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posted 4 years ago

how to sum the rows in laravel

big = DB::table('marks') ->select(DB::raw('sum(marks.tamil,marks.english,marks.maths,marks.scienc...

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Connection Timeout while retrieve data using REST API

Hi all. I just deploy my laravel app using docker container on my GCP instance. I can run the migrat...

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