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posted 9 years ago

Uniqueness of coulumn in context of relation

Hey, i use Ardent and I can't find a way to validate model against uniqueness of column in context o...

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Best practice for validating relationships using Ardent?

I'm working on an application containing log messages and users. The respective models are LogMessag...

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Validation inside a mutator/setter

I was reading the following: "Validation should happen within the context of the setter prior t...

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Intranet help

Hello In my job, we developed 7 years ago an Intranet without a PHP framework. The project has grown...

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Problem in validation file

Hello dear friends I want to upload a ".apk" file using laravel and form validation. my ru...

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[package] Rulez - Input validation Service Rulez provides easy way for setting up input validation r...

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Event trigger and validation

Hi, When I save a model, I want to validate its contents; I use a validator and a protected array of...

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Best practices for validating user input

Hi, lot of people create sepparate classes for each set of rules and then inject them into the contr...

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Class Controller does not exist - ReflectionException

hi guys, i dont know exactly what should i tag for this problem. Anyway just deployed my app on a La...

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csrf validation failing during unit testing (Laravel 4.1)

I recently upgraded from 4.0 to 4.1 following the upgrade instructions, and now when unit testing my...

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Extend Validator class multiple times

Hi I've created a custom Validator package that adds a validator for phone numbers: https://github.c...

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Vagrant, Codeception & Laravel issue. NotFoundHttpException

Hey gang, I'm having an issue with being able to use the Laravel4 module in Codeception. Whenever I...

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"Different" validation approach

Hello Artisans! I'm working on a project that is quite complex and I'm trying to find the best solut...

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posted 9 years ago

Validation - Always showing The password field is required. Only

public function postSignup() { $validator = Validator::make( array('email' => 'required'|'unique:...

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detect if the uploaded file is an image

any idea on simple function to know if the file uploaded is an image? I know you can do geMimeType b...

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posted 9 years ago

Access the model in custom validators

Is there a way to access the model itself in the custom validators? I've tried passing the id in as...

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password_confirmation in administrator/frozennode

im using administrator.frozennode but when i try to add a edit_field with the pass confirmation, the...

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[ user temporarily banned for post content ]

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Validating unique data with validation service

I'm using a validation service to validate user submitted form input (something along the lines of:...

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Load different template on different request

I do have 2 different on my pages but I would like to load in different situation, for example when...

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