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Laravel environments

Hey, I'm working on an app made on Laravel where i have to host multiple domains. It's an Project Ma...

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multiple queries in a scope function

HI I have recently posted this questions on stack overflow. I was hoping someone here would know the...

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Package that tracks page views in a time range: last day, week, month, all time

"Popularity" is a Laravel 4 package for tracking popular Eloquent elements of a website in...

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Looking for a Freelance Laravel Developer from the Netherlands

Hi, For a client we've building a Laravel 3.x application for his business. We decided to focus our...

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posted 9 years ago

Ramblings : An Introduction

Hello. I am going to use as a medium for rambling on my thoughts about programming. Whene...

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Multiple queries same view/controller

I'm very new to Laravel and kind of new to PHP. So if my terminology is off or I don't give enough i...

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php artisan migrate:make Does Not Create Schema

From the Starting with Laravel 4 book I have two models files named Cat.php and Breed.php in my mode...

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Fields to organize entries in my DB (order_by Myfield)

Hello, I started on Laravel after a lot of sites on Codeigniter. So I try in my first dev to respect...

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Help! newbie in laravel 4..

I am following a tutorial in phpacademy... I'm using ubuntu. I got an error : "Error in excepti...

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Memcached as default Cache

I'm planning to setup Memcache and APC. Question 1 , If i use File as default cache, does it cache t...

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Need help modelling relationships

So I'm creating a very simple project/task management application in Laravel 4 and I'm not sure how...

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Survey Design

I am looking to create a dynamic form survey using a database with questions, answers, and associati...

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Call to undefined method error while getting the data

these are my relations.. User model public function posts() { return $this->hasMany('Post'...

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Post request with Media temple

Hello, I'm new to the world of Laravel my first app is running ok locally through mamp when i'm tryi...

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datetime or timestamp for created_at and updated_at ?

Hello. When updating data in my MySQL-Database, the updated_at column does not update its time. I am...

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Eloquent ORM relationship array trouble

Hello, I'm stuck with this problem. I have these databases: -users with id, first_name et cetera......

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Fortrabbit issue with angular post

Hi, I have just uploaded my Laravel backend and Angularjs front to Fortrabbit and I am having issues...

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problem in accessing value from parentmost table.

I've four tables.User,Post,Reply and Confirm tables. And the relation is User has many posts posts...

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Assigning Variable to URL

Route::get('/p/{id}/{name?}', array( 'as' => 'viewItem', 'uses' => '[email protected]...

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posted 9 years ago

Loading posts for specific domains

I'm building my first laravel app, which is a multidomain app with 6 domains. I'm sorry if this is a...

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