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Property [token_symbol_id] does not exist on this collection

Hi all Iam trying to write controller for form i got a this error plz any one can help me thanks in...

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Input::hasfile and $request->hasfile return false on .gif

Hi, I'm newbie on laravel. When i try upload jpg or png it works well but gif files return false. It...

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How to observe Many to Many relation attach()/sync() action?

How to observe Many to Many relation attach()/sync() action? For this: I have Tag model and Post mod...

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how to create Dynamic Fields in laravel

Hey Guys how can i create this fields as dynamic fields in laravel plz help me <label for="name_d...

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Help with Eloquent Search Validate Input Simple Style

I have a very simple Eloquent search form built into my application and I want to prevent when a use...

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Automatically embed images to email

I am writing a newsletter system for my client. They write the email body with CKEditor and I want t...

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Adding new tables with migration without rollback

im trying to add new tables to already existing db using migration, i have one table 'users' and ive...

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Ran into issues creating a simple search filter

Hi there Laravel artisans, this is my first post on this forum. I am using Laravel 5.4. So currently...

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POST Request not working using Ajax

I tried implementing ajax post request in laravel 4 , but I am unable to obtain the post data. I hav...

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Datatables With Checkbox

How could I have Datatable with checkboxes for selecting rows and storing the selected rows to the d...

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Include the inline style sheet in laravel

how to include in inline style sheet in laravel framework

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Display multiple json objects present in the single data cell

I have a column say placeditems where each time an user places his order a json object is stored.So,...

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Laravel Adding Bulk data in Polymorphic Relationship

Suppose we have this schema: Set id name Question questionable_type questionable_id...

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Send mail from multiple forms to multiple emails

I created a form that allows you to send form content to email. But I am looking for a solution that...

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If I disable debug not working

Hi bit of a strange one I am running a script that uses for the chat system the server run...

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Unable to access uploaded files

Hi, I have made an upload form, which works fine. The file is saved in the "Storage" direc...

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Showing loading animation during file uploading with Bootstrap

Hi. I am uploading a file and after the upload,in the controller, there is some manipulation of the...

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Laravel 5 How to change Date Format from Boostrap datepicker in Controller before Validation

i want to change the date format in controller before doing validation. Below is my view <input t...

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I got this error when I add to database. But when I try to another PC theres no error yet. See error below

QueryException in Connection.php line 729: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1449 The user specified a...

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Laravel pagination how appends long string

Hello everybody. I just started learning laravel. There was a problem, I make a selection from the d...

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