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Code Obfuscation

How can I Obfuscate my Laravel Project as I am Deploying the Project on clientside.

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Mobile App Security Best Practices For App Developers

Read this post to know about the latest mobile app security best practices for app developers which...

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Database Filters

I currently use Symfony but I am somewhat curious about Laravel. There is one feature of Symfony (Do...

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Third party tech support to diagnose, install we are third party tech support firm who make sure that our customers are sa...

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HOWTO: broadcasting, laravel-echo, laravel-echo-server and JWT

Hello Laravelites, I ran into a problem with broadcasting and using laravel-echo a few days ago. Sin...

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Laravel Basic Auth multi Tenant Method

Hi, in my Project i use the Laravel Basic Auth method. But now i need to change the auth method. The...

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Username and password in different tables?

Hey guys, i built a few laravel applications before but for a new projects i have the problem that i...

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Moving to Laravel, if I have a Codeigniter background?

Suppose I'm familiar with developing applications in Codeigniter, but now I'd like to start using La...

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posted 6 years ago

Best practice

What do you think is the best practice for security regarding laravel , especially in doing permissi...

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integrate moneris payment gateway

How to integrate moneris gatway. I am new to laravel and i have not implemented this gateway before....

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posted 6 years ago

Most secure RBAC, authorization methods

Which of these do you think are the most secure: ENTRUST, LaRBAC, Gates & Policies(Laravel Docs)...

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Middleware Auth for Resource Controller

I'm trying to use Laravel's auth middleware for a resource route. I have it setup as the code below...

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Can we make Laravel return HTTP 400 instead of 302 for failed form validations?

My SaaS product has been the target of people using SQLMap. I've been trying to figure out how to bl...

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Preg repalce for username help {4.2]

Greetings I purchased a web app from a developer I met online he has not been very helpful since he...

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laravel + passport +vue check user authentication

hi, so i am using laravel and vue js and also using laravel passport for authentication method. i tr...

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HOW TO ADD ability to login with username or email 5.2

I would like the user can authenticate to my application either your email or your username , like G...

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How to set up an ftp server on a forge provision server

I've set up a digital ocean server using forg. Our client would like ftp access to a certain directo...

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Cloudflare return error 520 due to cookie returning too many/too large headers

Laravel Version: 5.1.46 PHP Version: 7.0.19 Database Driver & Version: MySQL 5.6.20 Descriptio...

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posted 6 years ago

Restrict user from all controller's route

Hello, How can I restrict user from controller's main route (i don't know how is called)? For exampl...

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Inserting MySQL data with AES_ENCRYPT

I have a table that needs to store confidential data in two BLOB columns. The overall SQL statement...

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