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Problem to store data <input type="hidden" ......

This works when entering data to database in the form: <tr> <td>{{_('Longitude')}}&...

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Error on access array offset on value of type null .

when i am trying to log in with the credentials from my custom log in page, it show me the error Err...

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Password + Passwordless Login in One Application

So I am building an application for a client who manages events that are staffed by volunteers from...

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Multi-tenant deployment using HTTP header

Hello, First of all please be aware that I'm not a skilled PHP programmer, even less a Laravel exper...

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How to average from database with multiple columns

I have Mysql database column story and game_time etc. I want to these avg But ı don't know How to av...

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SASS app where to save each users data?

Hi all, I’ve recently been playing around with Larvel and building a sample project to try and wrap...

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Dynamic relation is wrong but reloading retrievs correct one

Hi, I have an very strange problem which I never had before and I only have this problem with my rol...

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mssql function call -> runs into error

Hi, i will run a function ("fn_test()") at my mssql Server. This function should returns a...

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User management (password)

Hello, when an admin creates a user, is it a practical option to automatically pass a random passwor...

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How to Load Balance DB_SLAVE_HOST in Laravel

We are using Laravel Framework 5.8.38 We are using RDS Mysql as Database. The configuration is as fo...

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dynamic mail configuration using Laravel

`In my Laravel application, I am trying to send mail notification based on the company_id of the log...

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Multi authentication

I would like to build a multi auth system, where companies can sign up, and have an admin that can c...

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Best table name

Simple question: which is the best table name (to use with eloquent) for a counter between authors a...

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Laravel with Firebase

We had question for everyone who is using Laravel. What you think about using Google Firebase's Clou...

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Shop manager

Can the shop manager in e-commerce also delete products, or only has the option to create and edit,...

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Shop manager role

LarCan the shop manager in e-commerce also delete products, or only has the option to create and edi...

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Database Field Not Populating With Soft Delete

Hello Laravel Community, I am a beginner in Laravel. I have learned the soft delete concept using []...

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posted 2 years ago

Not able to make a database connect using Eloquenteloquent

The following command is not creating a record in my database: $person = Person::create($_REQUEST);...

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whereYear with timezone

Good morning everyone, i have a small problem with the "whereYear" query. In the backend t...

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could not find driver, laravel6, SQL server 2008 R2

Hello it's already been 1 week I'm struggling to connect to my sql server with the laravel framework...

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