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posted 8 years ago

issues with filesystem->exists

I am having some issues when checking if file exists. This line returns list of all files in the &qu...

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Laravel Form validation with logic operators

I have a form with 4 fields. But according to requirements. If 'Message' field is set, then user can...

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failed: nofile when trying to download uploaded file laravel 5.4

please help me!!! i cant find a guide on laravel 5.4 in this error please if you guys have ideas on...

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ErrorException in 33fb9f40de9c86527792aabe2edea085c0b7a479.php line 3: Undefined variable: rfq (View:

ErrorException in 33fb9f40de9c86527792aabe2edea085c0b7a479.php line 3: Undefined variable: rfq (View...

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[ISSUE] Eloquent ORM - Insert Wrong Value in Database

Hi, I'm a new developer in Laravel. I made a Portfolio Management system in Personal Banking for our...

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Quiz package for Laravel?

Hi, anyone knows of a quiz package for Laravel (or independent)?

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Laravel 5.2 Intervention Image Method save does not exist

I am using Intervention Image on Laravel 5.2 here is my function public function store(Request $requ...

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Input::hasFile() returning false while Input::file() gives all the information about file

I have written following basic file upload code which works perfectly on localhost. On live version,...

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posted 6 years ago

html tag filter on url

Hi Friends I want my user could type HTML tag on url and see result of tag on the page but as i see...

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posted 6 years ago

If else conditions inside controller

Hello, I have a simple question, in my controller, i want to assign a string value to a variable acc...

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How to display errors in my modal

I want to display the errors in my modal and it logs successfully but the modal closes when i try to...

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Laravel Custom Validation - by calling another class.

Hi guys, it is mentioned here that we can use classes to add custom validation rules (I want to do t...

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How to post dynamically generated vuejs array to mysql database

0 down vote favorite I am using this code in my LARAVEL project

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Format FormRequest Validation Error Response

with reference to

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Laravel File Input from form

I'm trying to make an uploader for images, however, my request never detects an image. This is my co...

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Token Mismatch issue with Iframes on Safari Browser Only

Laravel Version: 5.3.28 PHP Version: 5.6.25 Database Driver & Version: Description: Hi, i have...

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Mass Insertion of Dummy Records w/Relations

I am trying to insert 1000's of dummy records over numerous seeding artisan commands. But I am stuck...

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Form Handling

Hi. how can i input mutliple data from form into database using laravel 5.3 my code for form is be...

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Looking for Basic CRUD Laravel App

Hello Everyone, I am new to laravel Framework.I am looking for Baisc CRUD application or any best re...

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Insert Mass Dummy Records

I want to create 1000's of dummy users, but also correct relations. Example would be create a User w...

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