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Authentication problems between twilio and my laravel 4 based api.

So we have built a simple web hook api using Laravel 4. I am using the auth.basic filter. My route...

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How safe is Input::all() if I pass it to the Model::create() method?

I'm curious as to how much escaping and input sanitizing Laravel does behind the scenes. For instanc...

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Authentication on a relation?

Hello there. I have a User table with a password, and People table with an email. User has a forei...

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Best practice to prevent other users viewing/editing each other data

Hi all, I am new to Laravel and was wondering what would; be the best practice to prevent users edit...

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Laravel 4 hash not matching

Hey, I am trying to auth my user, created a user using hash::make('1234') but it's not matching when...

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Why the email of the reset password will send twice and there is a subject on the first email but not on the second email

Everything seems working well but the email of reset password will send twice. That's strange!

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csrf validation failing during unit testing (Laravel 4.1)

I recently upgraded from 4.0 to 4.1 following the upgrade instructions, and now when unit testing my...

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How to Add additional data in Auth

Hello, In laravel Auth, how can I add additional data in Auth. When I'm login then laravel store all...

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filter with variable from domain

I want to create a filter that depends on outside variable from domain: Route::any('/{id}', array(...

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Guzzle & Laravel

Dear, I have a Laravel API. For example I used Sentry, but can successfully work without Sentry. I l...

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Eloquent has no handling with malicious data??

I did a simple query like: $query = "sdsad'sa"; Spot::where('title', 'like', '%'.$query.'%...

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Admin: Subdomain vs. subdirectory/route

For a while now, I've kept admin interfaces for my websites as subdomains ( inst...

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Make this query in Eloquent

Hi Can we do this query in Eloquent $tagString = implode (',', $tags); return DB::select (DB...

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is it possible to store the current logged user in session

instead of querying for his data on each page load? or it is not secure?

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Best Practices: Moving the application files around?

There are numerous articles detailing how to move the Laravel app folders into the same location as...

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Laravel environments

Hey, I'm working on an app made on Laravel where i have to host multiple domains. It's an Project Ma...

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Sentinel with Laravel Administrator

Hi, I want to integrate Sentinel within Laravel Administrtor I am new to laravel. Can anyone give me...

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Storing creds in env vars & security?

Usually the norm is to store database, cloud storage creds etc in env vars. Laravel now even has tha...

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Implement a request queue for a REST API

Hi, I'm new to laravel and php in general. I tried to implement a RESTful JSON API that gets a json...

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Hitting a route without refreshing session?

I have an ajax function that polls every 5s to see if a user's session has expired and will redirect...

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