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Creating a self-contained web-app, repo/composer advice.

After a bit of searching online I think I know how to do this, but wanted to just make sure I haven'...

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laraverl custom logs

Tried to find some docs but nothing. I want to create several log files, for example: click log, vie...

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Transferred my Laravel app from one server to another - I have a problem

I created my first Laravel (3.2) app awhile back on a VPS that I had. Now, the time has come for me...

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Webfaction error: failed to open stream

Hi everyone, This is my first post here, so please bear with me if anything is missing. I have been...

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Routers menu

Hallo, Can someone help me? i would like to make simple static website, i created menu using routers...

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Simple bog db structure and advice

I and looking to do my own blog to go alongside my new site build but was wonder what people would s...

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Laravel Asset managment

Hi , I want to use any Asset managment for my laravel 4.0 app . previously i have used codeselve ass...

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posted 9 years ago

Template for page Redirecting to

Hello Guys. In my form there is an image in base64, to make a post the Laravel redirects to a white...

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Reminder email not being sent

Emails are working fine everywhere else. I set up the password reset according to the docs. Everyt...

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posted 9 years ago

Packages for generating & display user activity feeds?

In the past I've done this on my own but I'm wondering if anyone knows of an open-source package to...

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Yup I give up.

I gotta give up. I don't want to, but I got to, because trying to learn Laravel with very very limit...

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Advanced ajax pagination - what to do when there is option to show 5/10/25/50 itesm per page and there are delete operations as well

Hi all. Found this: Works great. Questions: How should I...

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Ideas on how to handle form with files

Hi all. I am thinking on how to deal with form handling which contains files and which can be submit...

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I'd like to see "staring" posts functionality

Hey, I have seen a few posts on the forum that are bookmark worthy - however it would be nice to hav...

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[macro] Form::select() with optgroups based on model's field

Suppose you have a simple products table: id | name | category ....................... 1 | prod1 |...

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New Laravel.IO Paste Bin Functionality

This stuff is so sick.. It's still in development, but Mitchell is knocking it out of the park.. Che...

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posted 9 years ago

New Laravel Meetup in Louisville, KY USA

I'm a co-organizer for a recently created the Laravel User Group in Louisville Kentucky and would li...

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Create new relationship between two models

Hi, I have two models : Sale.php <?php class Sale extends Eloquent { public function groups() {...

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posted 9 years ago

Get a URI that has ? in it

Hi All, Im integrating Sagepay and after successful payment it returns a url like so: /success?crypt...

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TestCase is not running correctly

Hi, I came across very weird issue for test cases. I have written test cases in laravel application....

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