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Unable to create onetomany relation in dbeeee

I have one to many relation: Client: (a client can have many contrcts) public function contracts()...

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Many to many nested models

Good day. I need help with nested models where all of them have many to many relationships. The ide...

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What causes the failure to iterate a comments array?

I am working on a blogging application in Laravel 8. The ArticlesController controller I have this m...

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How do I customize pagination items in Laravel?

I am working on a blogging application in Laravel 8. In the ArticlesController controller I have thi...

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Laravel and Presto IntegrationLaraveldasdPresto

Hello, I'm working with Amazon Athena and it is based on Presto. I need a library that integrates La...

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Is it good to save a model in a mutator?

Hi ! I am using Laravel 6. I have a question about the use of mutators in a model. Here a first exem...

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only one product id not taking

hi all. I am noob in this laravel.wud appreciate some help .Only one product's id is showing null .b...

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how best to merge two tables

I appologies if this is too simple, I'm still getting a good hang of laravel, I am trying to build a...

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Auth()->user() -> magic vars not available inside scope clas

Closed - not solved - GH issue: Laravel Version:...

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Method [name] does not exist - Laravel 8

I'm having a problem with my Auth. So, I'm doing login but not using User models. I made my own mode...

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Seeded users can't log in on Laravel or be found on Tinker

I'm working on a seeder that creates 3 users, one per each role I have on my app. When I run the see...

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Laravel Eloquent , Pivot Table

Hello, i work on project about customer manager with an API. So, I have 4 Tables on my database : Ci...

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Laravel eloquent Problem to access relationship

Hi, I am facing a problem with an eloquent relationship. Actually, I am new and trying to learn. I h...

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Eloquent Filter n:1 relationship

hello, i wrote the following filter to filter a model independently by the columns. But how do I pro...

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Database ID as hash?

It's about Laravel, when data is edited, the ID is always transferred via the URL. This is always a...

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posted 1 year ago

issue in converting mysql code to laravel

select * from ( SELECT projects.*, project__reports.status, project__reports.notes, project__reports...

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posted 1 year ago

How can I have a user relationship from 2 other table

Hello All, My Database structure : users Table : id / name events Table : id / start / end activity_...

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Laravel 8 Yajra Datatables - no database filtering

Hello, I am currently using the library of Laravel 8 Yajra Datatables (GitHub:

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Use foreign Key to display information from other table lae

Hi i am trying to retrive information using the foreign key but it doesnt work. `<?php namespace...

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Problem with Laravel Database Prefix

Hello, I have a project where all database tables got a prefix. But now I have the problem that one...

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