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Custom scopes on many to many pivot table

I have a many to many relation between User and Task. The pivot table acts as an "Inbox" v...

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Laravel 7.30.4 : BelongsToMany problem

Since I made the Laravel 7.30 .4 update, when I make an eloquent BelongsToMany request, the results...

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Best table name

Simple question: which is the best table name (to use with eloquent) for a counter between authors a...

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Laravel with Firebase

We had question for everyone who is using Laravel. What you think about using Google Firebase's Clou...

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posted 2 years ago

Cast json column

Is there a way to cast a json column key? For example I have a payload json column and the payload h...

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Can you please tell me how to write such queries ?

I have this $NUMBER = 496354; // vagprice::where('NUMBER', $NUMBER)->get(); // no results vag...

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Preencher outros campos ao utilizar o select2

Bom dia meus caros Dev's. Em um projeto do dia-a-dia me deparei com a necessidade de buscar os dados...

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whereYear with timezone

Good morning everyone, i have a small problem with the "whereYear" query. In the backend t...

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Hasmany With Sum but Whats The Variable Name?

Invoices Model: public function items(){ return $this->hasMany('\App\InvoiceItems','invoice_id','...

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Best practice model notifications choosing recipient

hi there, i would like to collect some recommendations here. i am facing something very common, i gu...

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How to write product filter query in Laravel

Can someone please guide me on how I can write this below query in laravel by using eloquent ORM and...

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i nedd help

Hello I am working on an application, I would have to save a photo ID but when I click on the save b...

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Foreign key column vs belongsTo

VendorProduct belongsTo a single Vendor. To find or assign a Vendor to a VendorProduct, must the Ven...

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get all numbers are not in use

Hello, i try to explain my Problem. I have 2 Tables in relationship shootingbooks and shootingranges...

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Observers retrieved data overrides previous one while update

Laravel Version: 6.0 PHP Version:7.4 Database Driver & Version: MySQL Description: Observers ret...

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Looking for best way to autoload observers from my package

Hello! crap, title with lenght restriction. full question is "Looking for best way to autoload...

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Get rows only if relation exists (Laravel Nova)

Hi I am trying to make a filter in laravel nova that allows me to select items that have a relation....

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posted 3 years ago

how can I multiply in the same table 2 column?

Hi, I'm a newbie, how can I multiply in the same table 2 column? Example: I want to perform the oper...

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Laravel Eloquent Route Problems When Editing via PUT

Gentlemen, I have had a problem for days, without getting a solution. I try to pass the route, but a...

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Weird eloquent bindings when using addSelect method.

Laravel Version: 7.13.0 PHP Version: 7.4.6 Database Driver & Version: Mysql & 8.0.20 Descr...

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