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Need help about a form. Want to add a custom input field

Need help about one of my laravel project's form. I want to add a custom field and update it in my d...

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posted 6 months ago

Autoformat numeric values on input

Allows you to automatically format a text input field as a user types. I have multiple inputs with n...

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Boolean Value Not Updating Back To Zero

I am having a weird issue where a boolean value is never updating back to false or 0. Its for an ope...

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posted 11 months ago

Issues with uploading multiple images on laravel 9

The other data are saved on the database but the images are not saved `public function add_product(R...

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lightning it solution

[](lightning it solution) is mainly a digital marketing company b...

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Jetstream Livewire input load issue

I have started a new Laravel project with Jetstream and am customising the css with a purchase dashb...

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posted 2 years ago

Markup/Markdown in This Forum

Questions on formatting posts. If there is documentation I should look at, I'd be glad to do the wo...

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Problem to store data <input type="hidden" ......

This works when entering data to database in the form: <tr> <td>{{_('Longitude')}}&...

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how to add one more parameter in php laravel

$userInfo = Client::where('username','=', $request->username)->first(); I want to add the para...

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How to code for validating multiple data with similar parame

These are my API

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laravel Excel column mapping

#laravel 8 I need help, I am trying to import an excel file in my laravel project after import,it w...

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Preencher outros campos ao utilizar o select2

Bom dia meus caros Dev's. Em um projeto do dia-a-dia me deparei com a necessidade de buscar os dados...

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posted 3 years ago

How to display initial value of model in date input in vuevu

I use Laravel 8 inertia vue. I have a model (activerecord) and I would like to update it, particular...

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Class input not found

Working on comment to make as solution and I have this... `public function markAsSolution() { $s...

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How to properly store checkbox array

Hello I have a form on which I display 6 checkboxes numbered 1 to 6. They represent the classes a st...

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I'm trying to return data from database upon entering some text from search field. I'm using route:...

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unable to submit form

here is my route: `Route::post('/admin/gallery/{id}', 'GalleryController@updateGal')- name('gallery...

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How to validate multiple check box and select.

I am learning laravel. I want to validate a form. There have two checkbox, every part of checkbox ha...

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Custom fields Laravel Nova

Hello guys, I have a problem with my project Laravel Nova, I have two fields, (field1, field2), and...

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HTML-Form getting opened with App

I have a strange problem with a custom webshop coded with Laravel 5.7. A few customers have a probl...

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