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Laravel Eloquent Saving by batch

is there any way on how to save a Whole batch of file using eloquent ? For example I have a 1000 ite...

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Flash data lost after Session::save()

Hey, as title stated, I lose my flash data after I trigger a Session::save in the destruct of my con...

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Validate two fields with the same validation rule

Hello everyone. Is it possible in Laravel to apply the same validation rule to multiple fields? For...

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How to redirect to post form when validation fails?

i am using POST method to edit the user web.php Route::match(['get','post'],'/editUser', 'UsersCon...

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Laravel 5 How to change Date Format from Boostrap datepicker in Controller before Validation

i want to change the date format in controller before doing validation. Below is my view <input t...

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BindException in Guard.php line 80: Can't contact LDAP server

Hi, i just learned to use laravel and ldap. Currently, I'm creating a web system for employees. I ha...

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How to provide old value of a form, if it is populated with snippets

Hi, I have a following pice of code in the snippets, that I am using jQuery Datepicker. But, if the...

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jQuery $.post stops working

So I was trying to do some nice looking registration, then user presses register button ajax checks...

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Create a trait for requests and extend it

Hi everyone, I've two validations for requests that are now managed through two different files (cla...

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Laravel setPasswordAttribute Override

This is a problem I've seen a few times, and it may be to a lack of understanding on my part, but it...

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Laravel request for specific unique field

Hi, I have my request form for destinations, it has, id, name and location_id so depending on the lo...

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How to return to a previous page after validation errors occur

Hello, I have 3 pages. First page with a simple form Second page with a more advanced form. After f...

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posted 8 years ago

Validator : Greater than other field

Hi, I'm posting 2 inputboxes in my app which are both numeric. I want my validator to to this : if f...

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Laravel 5 How to solve the error when validate a unique username using Boostrap FormValidation Remote

I got an error when i want to validate an unique username using Boostrap FormValidation remote. Belo...

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Update unique field Laravel 5.4????

I can not update unique field public function rules() { return [ 'nickname'...

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Custom Validation on Multiple FileUpload

I'm having problem return false on this multiple file input. It is working for textboxes. Anyone can...

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Laravel-5.4 - how to store the image path in database for all users who registers

I am using laravel-5.4 make:auth . Added one extra field in user table -> profile picture in view...

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setting rule for unique name on existing row

Hello, in laravel 5.4 setting rule for unique name like $rules = array( 'name' => 'r...

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can't determine source of integrity constraint violation

Hi, I'm trying to work out why Laravel is throwing Integrity constraint violations on my main regist...

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posted 6 years ago

Custom validation message for exists

Is it possible to define a custom message for the exists:table,id rule? I tried the following public...

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